March 10, 2015 | Graham

Superannuation and home buyers

It’s amazing how many people have leapt in to criticise Hockey’s suggestion that young Australians should be able to tap into their super contributions to buy their first home, including this bad tempered contribution from former PM Paul Keating.

Far from being a class envy attack on retirement savings, it […] Continue Reading…

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February 21, 2015 | Graham

Dog whistles must be on special

I’ve been shocked and disgusted by the racism incorporate in the reaction to the Hepatatitis A contaminated frozen berries sold by Nanna’s and used as a weapon by those seeking to advance restrictive trade practices.

While plenty were keen to accuse John Howard of allegedly “dog whistling” to racists through […] Continue Reading…

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February 20, 2015 | Ronda Jambe

Water, water, everywhere yet not a drop to drink….

The Ancient Mariner ain’t seen nothin yet. Just a few items from the news. Of course mainstream media doesn’t cover these mere details that affect tens of millions. Not to mention what is happening in Queensland right now.

1. Brazil’s drought
This week’s most popular story was Fabiola Ortiz’s account of […] Continue Reading…

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February 16, 2015 | Graham

Ferny Grove spanner still poised above the works

If the LNP challenges the ECQ’s decision in Ferny Grove and wins, it’s possible that the Palaszczuk government will be one of the shortest in Queensland’s history. But everyone seems to think there is no chance of the LNP mounting a challenge, or succeeding.

Having been through the 1995 Mundingburra appeal I […] Continue Reading…

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February 16, 2015 | Ronda Jambe

Under the Moruya Moon (18)

Late summer, almost nightly showers keeping all green. An ocean warm and welcoming, if often wilder than my timid swimming skills would like.

Amid all the bluster about the reality of climate change (internationally and locally in these blogs) I have quietly finished Naomi Klein’s book This Changes […] Continue Reading…

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February 10, 2015 | Graham

Seeney, councils and sea levels

Was Jeff Seeney wrong to order Moreton Bay Regional Council to remove any reference to climate change-derived sea level rises from its regional plan?

“Experts”, the local council and environment groups say he is, but the actual figures say “maybe not”.

There is no global warming occurring at the moment, but there […] Continue Reading…

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February 04, 2015 | Graham

Only six impossible things?

I’m posting this lecture invite not because I think anyone who reads this blog is going to make the trip to London to hear it, but because it is a good and amusing summary of the quandary in which IPCC climate “science”, finds itself. A bit more attention to […] Continue Reading…

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January 26, 2015 | Ronda Jambe

Trans-Pacific Partnership shows democratic deficit

It is easy to be blase about corruption in other places. No one thinks much of what passes for government in countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, or other places that don’t think much of human rights. (Lots of things upset me about our PM’s ideology, but I sleep better […] Continue Reading…

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January 23, 2015 | Ronda Jambe

things could get interesting

From the Carbon Brief:
Temperatures during the Iowa maize growing season are projected to increase by more
than five degrees Celsius, causing yields to drop by 18 per cent, according to new
research. In Southern Australia, 15 per cent less rainfall and temperatures 2.8 to
4.5 degrees warmer will see wheat yields decline […] Continue Reading…

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January 19, 2015 | Graham

LNP running only half a campaign

I’m puzzled by the Queensland LNP campaign. It is leaving the Bligh government completely out of the frame.

For example, yesterday’s campaign launch included an announcement of a pay down of $2 bn of debt on Seqwater leading to a $100 cut in water bills. Fair enough, if the utility has lower […] Continue Reading…

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