April 26, 2015 | Graham

Once you travelled to war

For Australians war is something we have always travelled to. We are unlike almost any other nation in this respect. It is something implicit in our celebration of Anzac Day. The battlefields of all these wars are somewhere else.

But thanks to the modern age of mobility, war has come […] Continue Reading…

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March 31, 2015 | Graham

Heat not hiding in the ocean

Anyone who understands physics, which excludes many prognosticators on climate change (yes, I’m thinking of you @beneltham*), understands that the oceans drive the climate.

So it was always a bit of a stretch to think that the plateau in global temperatures of over the last 18 or so years was […] Continue Reading…

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March 31, 2015 | Graham

You be the judge on Ferguson

The shooting of a young black male in Ferguson, and the ensuing riots, is generally portrayed as a racist event, but depending on where you stand, the racists can be white or black.

Verbatim Theatre is a genre where you take the actual evidence and lay it out in front […] Continue Reading…

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March 29, 2015 | Graham

Palaszczuk fails first test

With her back against a wall, faced with a decision she should have made two weeks ago, and after having tried to shovel that decision off onto the party secretary, Annastacia Palaszczuk has belatedly sacked “Billy” Gordon from her party and bizarrely claimed the decision is driven by “integrity”.

Even […] Continue Reading…

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March 20, 2015 | Graham

Nothing tough about trade-him-in Tony anymore

Tony Abbott has been portrayed as too tough and unfeeling by his enemies for as long as he’s been in parliament. This is wrong. Despite his obvious exercise discipline what we’re seeing at the moment is a Pavlova – brittle on the outside and soft in.

If Abbott were tough […] Continue Reading…

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March 17, 2015 | Ronda Jambe

All gassed out

Last night I went to the presentation by the Melbourne based Alternative Technology Association.

They did a report last year comparing domestic gas for heating, hot
water and cooking with efficient electric. It is a fairly complex report,
and considers many variables, including type of housing, location in
Australia, local gas prices and […] Continue Reading…

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March 10, 2015 | Graham

Superannuation and home buyers

It’s amazing how many people have leapt in to criticise Hockey’s suggestion that young Australians should be able to tap into their super contributions to buy their first home, including this bad tempered contribution from former PM Paul Keating.

Far from being a class envy attack on retirement savings, it […] Continue Reading…

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February 21, 2015 | Graham

Dog whistles must be on special

I’ve been shocked and disgusted by the racism incorporate in the reaction to the Hepatatitis A contaminated frozen berries sold by Nanna’s and used as a weapon by those seeking to advance restrictive trade practices.

While plenty were keen to accuse John Howard of allegedly “dog whistling” to racists through […] Continue Reading…

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February 20, 2015 | Ronda Jambe

Water, water, everywhere yet not a drop to drink….

The Ancient Mariner ain’t seen nothin yet. Just a few items from the news. Of course mainstream media doesn’t cover these mere details that affect tens of millions. Not to mention what is happening in Queensland right now.

1. Brazil’s drought
This week’s most popular story was Fabiola Ortiz’s account of […] Continue Reading…

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February 16, 2015 | Graham

Ferny Grove spanner still poised above the works

If the LNP challenges the ECQ’s decision in Ferny Grove and wins, it’s possible that the Palaszczuk government will be one of the shortest in Queensland’s history. But everyone seems to think there is no chance of the LNP mounting a challenge, or succeeding.

Having been through the 1995 Mundingburra appeal I […] Continue Reading…

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