November 14, 2016 | Graham

How is that “Fair Expectations of Behaviour” policy going?

Yesterday I wrote about the Department of Housings boast of having a more efficient system, labelled “Fair Expectations of Behaviour” for managing poorly behaved social welfare housing tenants than the Newman government’s “Three strikes” policy.

My criticism was based on their own figures, but there is nothing like some anecdotal evidence to round things out, which the Courier Mail has now provided today.

Neighbours of notorious Townsville home fed up after another explosive incident

NEIGHBOURS of a notorious housing commission property in Kirwan say they are fed up after another explosive incident at the Thuringowa Drive home on Saturday.

Residents say the occupants constantly trespass and cause damage to neighbouring homes, are violent with each other and host loud parties that go on for days.

They aired frustrations after a 16-year-old boy at the home wanted for property crimes ran from police on Saturday, leading officers on a foot chase through backyards.

It seems to have been going on for a while.

Another resident said his family had tried to sell up but their proximity to the notorious property put buyers off.

“Police are there at least twice a week it never seems to stop,” he said.

“The lack of any (Housing Department) response is ­infuriating.

“It feels like I have had $50,000 just ripped from my pocket we can’t even get close to what we paid for our house and we don’t feel safe, but we can’t sell and move.”

No doubt Housing Department staff are still negotiating the details of the Tenancy Management Plans with the tenants.

A notice to quit would be likely to be more effective. Sounds like more than three swings at the ball, and some other things, have occurred here.

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  1. Greenvale is not far from townsville and as an abandoned mining town in woop woop that still has some public amenity, like a community swimming pool a supermarket and a school?

    And housing cheap enough to allow affordable whole of town resumption? Or agreeable swap deals only fools would ever refuse?

    Then used as a place to put all the rotten eggs in one basket! Where card only welfare, could be trialled, to moderate antisocial behavior!

    These resident recidivists don’t deserve to be part of normal society, but need the dog squad to go in and assist in the forced relocation of these folk, who have no respect whatsoever for our law or reasonable social convention!

    Just get them and their belongings onto the street! No ifs, buts or maybes! Bulldoze their hovels, then offer relocation to the aforementioned mining town and the new social welfare “management” controls!

    We owe these folk SFA! And that’s what they really deserve instead of the last chance, we civil society would place upon their table!

    If they refuse on the grounds Greenvale is remote and far from almost anywhere?

    Explain that’s the very reason that and other such last chance locations were selected? Let them scream, shout, object, self harm or set themselves on flaming fire, but move them on!

    If they want to live in a no go ghetto and on the public purse? Let it be one of our “managed” choice! And let their welfare be also “managed”, with a card not available for tobacco or alcohol!

    And most easily “Managed” if applied exclusively to the “managed” White, black or brindle, residents of a remote location, where we can put all our rotten eggs in just one basket!

    How many times must the extended helping hand be bitten or chewed down to the elbow, before we stop extending it!

    Cracow is older, the houses/tumble down shacks hardly habitable, some little more than tin shanties, whereas, the houses in Greenvale are a lot younger, and in a reasonable state of repair! With bitumen streets and concrete curbing!

    The recalcitrant repeat offenders need to know there are far worse places than Greenvale, should they decide to continue the disruptive antisocial Humbug, horse feathers and bird’s fur!

    Arrive with army trucks early in the morning! Remove these folk and their belongings out on the street, Then start knocking down the rat infested hovels at first light!

    Then let them know where they’re being moved and why! No debate, just decisive shock and awe action with no beg your pardons!
    Alan B Goulding!

    Comment by Alan B. Goulding — November 15, 2016 @ 9:11 am

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