January 14, 2015 | Graham

Green climate deniers

A climate denier is apparently someone who says anything that disagrees with the IPCC Assessment Reports. That makes Christine Milne, Al Gore, and my fellow blogger Ronda, climate deniers.

They all assert that climate change is causing more extreme weather, including more tropical cyclones and hurricanes. This is contrary to the most recent IPCC Assessment Report AR5, although some earlier reports did give some comfort to that view.

That the IPCC is right, and the Green deniers wrong, is graphically illustrated below. The graphs are taken from WeatherBell.com, and can be seen in context on this page.

They demonstrate that there is no trend in the number and the total energy of hurricanes over the last 40 years.


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January 31, 2011 | Graham

Prepare for more flooding

My sister writes adventure romance novels, and she is also a commercial airline pilot.

So she knows something about imagination, but she is also practical and keeps an eye on the weather.

She just sent me a link to this map of weather in our more or less immediate vicinity as a partial answer to my question as to whether Brisbane could face more flooding from a cyclone(s) making landfall and then coming south as a rain depression.

Cyclones and Queensland on 31 January, 2011

You can see Cyclone Anthony looking relatively anemic in central Queensland, but its “ugly sister” Yasi (ugly name too), ¬†looks huge off the coast.

It would be unwise for anyone in Queensland or northern New South Wales to put away their gumboots and shovels just yet.

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