July 03, 2014 | Ronda Jambe

A Fruitful Pause…

Those avid readers of Ambit Gambit might have noticed my absence these past many months. Family, farm and finances can cloud the personal space. However, climate change remains a key issue for me, so this year I ran a course on climate change science and policy through the University of the Third Age on the NSW south coast.

Right now, I am in Iceland, where we gave a paper on climate change resilience and adaptation. The Iceland temperatures in July are about the same as Canberra mid-winter. The landscape tells the story:


Many sceptics have  noted an apparent pause in global temperature increase. This is mythology in the making, as it has been confirmed that not only has CO2 reached a new high:

The Amount Of Carbon Dioxide In Our Air Just Reached A New Record, And Scientists Are Worried

but also, and not surprisingly for those who accept the science of atmospheric physics,

Global temperatures in May hit an all-time record high

Those who would contradict this finding need to first do some serious research, as the data is coming from many sources. In Iceland they are mostly concerned about the impact of climate change on their fisheries, which they have managed better than most for many centuries. Their energy is abundant and renewable, coming from the thermal ground beneath their volcanic ground. Not much hope for agriculture here, although we did see some lit up greenhouses:



Soon I hope to share with you some of the reading that has kept me motivated these past months. We all owe it to ourselves to be as informed as possible about the future, since that’s is where we will be spending our time (and money).

The financial dimensions are already giving the power brokers (like Clive Palmer) a wake up call.

Til then, keep warm, and think of blue silica pools in Iceland when the mild Australian winds are blowing:



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  1. But are they really record high temperatures? It seems the old record highs have been adjusted out of many of the historical records.

    Comment by Gavin G — July 4, 2014 @ 2:09 am

  2. Yes indeed Gavin, and it seems there was no hole in the ozone layer and tobacco is not harmful to your health?
    I mean, where do these people get off, with one conspiracy after another, either to spoil your pleasure or make it vastly more expensive?
    I want more proof that climate change is real, before I stop burning coal and oil.
    Forget that these things will all run out some day, and those who move to sustainable alternatives earliest, will be the one making all the real money and still growing their economies, on vastly cheaper energy!
    Proof Gav proof; rather than this or that theory, or regurgitated figures from 90 million years ago!
    Perhaps when sea levels have risen by around three metres, we will have enough convincing evidence to say, well maybe?
    The Grand kids won’t mind, it’ll still be centuries before any irreversible climate change, will turn our small green planet into another Venus, and even were that to happen, we could live underground for a few centuries and grow all our food under lights.
    She’ll be right! Don’t worry old son. You’ll be okay?
    Science tells us, that the same set of conditions will always produce the same outcomes.
    If a 2C rise in average ambient temperatures caused the frozen tundra to melt and release methane, 90 million years ago. It’ll do exactly the same today, or another ninety million years hence.
    Same set of circumstances, same results!
    No ifs buts or maybes!
    And if that methane release caused average temperatures to rise by a further 3C back then, then as many or more tons of released methane, will do exactly the same or worse! And if a combined temperature rise of a total 5C, very nearly destroyed all life, it’ll do the same today! Why? Because we won’t be able to sustainable grow crops. Plant life doesn’t tolerate almost endless winds that rip it out of the ground or rain deluge events, that put it underwater for more than a few days, and if those conditions are the norm, then so will there be no possible crops, unless underground and under lights.
    I mean, we all of us can afford that or can do that?
    [Forget about things like oxygen production or photosynthesis?]
    Sure no problemo! I’ve got a pick and shovel, never mind if it’s hissing down or I’m being slowly fried?
    Of that there is absolutely no question.
    Any other postulation is equivalent to saying that water boils at different temps at sea levels, because I don’t like the current fixed result!
    If average sea temperatures are rising, [some as high as 2C,] along with average wind speeds, then only absolute dummies/morons, would claim nothing new was happening!
    And if those average wind speeds tell us anything, they tell us that global convection is rising.
    And as also evidenced in permafrost melts, that threatens whole villages; and in places where that has never occurred in living memory, or according to any nations’ written or oral history!
    Permafrost melts is just one of those inconvenient facts, that always seem to get in the way of a good conspiracy theory, and should therefore be ignored or glossed over, with another explanation, like say increased UFO observations/sightings!
    And the only possible cause of increased atmospheric heat.
    Or perhaps its down to skeptics having a million strong conference, somewhere near the equator, and all huffing and puffing, with mantras like; I don’t want it to be true, I have too much money tied up in coal, oil coal or gas fired power, or coastal property!
    If it’s down to natural causes, take comfort that natural trend-line solar thermal heating is completely irreversible, and even as a planet burns to a crisp, you will have the ultimate satisfaction of knowing you were right?
    Who cares it we get there a few centuries sooner, you’ll be alright?
    Or will you?
    I mean, what if all those millions of crazies, who believe in reincarnation are right, and we do actually reap all that we sow?
    Now that would be real ultimate justice, don’t you agree?
    Alan B. Goulding.

    Comment by Alan B. Goulding — July 4, 2014 @ 11:07 am

  3. If you seek to dispute the science please go a bit further I your research than Jennifer so blog

    Comment by ronda jambe — July 5, 2014 @ 3:40 am

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