February 11, 2014 | Graham

Spinning (that’s polite) to a win in Griffith

I said in some recent analysis that the Labor campaign in Griffith had been dishonest. Yesterday I received an email from the winner, Terri Butler, which is exhibit “A”.

Her opening statement was:

We’ve sent a strong message to Tony Abbott that Australians won’t stand for his cuts to healthcare, his cuts to super fast broadband and his cuts to our childcare.

So, which cuts to healthcare, super fast broadband and childcare are these?

It’s completely clear cut on healthcare and childcare – there is nothing on the table at the moment.

On the “super fast broadband”, that would be the broadband that was being constructed around Australia in anything but a “super fast” manner, and whose top speeds were of little use to most of us.

Under Abbott and Turnbull we’ll be getting faster broadband sooner.

Her statement isn’t a clear cut lie, but it isn’t the truth either.

I’m surprised the government wasn’t campaigning against the ALP on the basis that they still hadn’t learned the lesson of last election – you can’t steer a country by spin.

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  1. Good point Graham. If the SPC cannery was a viable enterprise and so important to the local economy, surely the plant and equipment could be bought for a song by either the workers or the farmers.

    Apparently this operation brings $65 million into the local economy, so an additional $25 million to upgrade the plant would be worthwhile investment by all concerned.

    Comment by Ross — February 13, 2014 @ 9:06 pm

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