December 01, 2009 | Graham

OLO is here for the next day or so

On Line Opinion will be publishing on this blog for the next day or so. We have a severe problem with our server which we are attending to. Ambit Gambit is on a different server and provides most of the same comment facilities available on OLO. So to honour our commitments to our authors, particularly given the turmoil in federal politics, we will put the articles up here on a temporary basis. When OLO is restored to good health the articles will be reposted there.
Thanks for your support and feel free to email me if you want to ask any questions.
Update: 1/12/09 Well Andrew our server admin managed to get OLO up and running again on the server. We appear to have a problem with our raid, so he’s bypassed that. As a result he says that the site is not too stable. We are going to move to a new and better server. Apologies. The original problem was our service providers and I’m not sure whether it caused this one, or whether this happened concidentally.

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