September 10, 2007 | Graham

Peter Garrett does Don Burke

I don’t think this one will be a huge hit on YouTube. Peter Garrett appears to be doing a Don Burke (Chair of the Australian Environment Foundation and former celebrity gardener) impersonation. (Except I think Burke has a more optimistic view of just how threatening global warming is than Garrett does).
While Howard is breaking ground getting China to agree it needs to limit greenhouse emissions, Peter Garrett is doing a “Backyard Blitz” of sorts, exhorting us all to save the planet by growing more natives, mulching, growing our own vegies and installing bird baths. It’s a very 80s retro-performance, not far removed from Howard’s white picket fences.
This one’s ripe for mash-ups I think. Must be able to do something with garden beds and “beds are burning”.

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  1. Peter Garrett will be the finest Minister of Environment that this nation has yet seen.
    For all you dummies on the Left that are bagging Garrett as a sellout, I ask this simple question:
    Who’ll have the authority to make laws and regulations in the next government? …
    Minister Garrett.
    Lawyer and Spokesman for my generation.
    TasmanianLefties have been ‘pissing outside the tent’ for so long they’ve lost control of the game.
    Garrett’s getting that control back, no question.
    Now he’s pissing inside the tent, and having an influence: the voice of the Left, frontbench in the next Australian Government.
    Better than the ideological Left, forever banging on about Bank Nationalisation and outdated policies from the 50s.
    Garrett thinks and operates for a 21st Century Australia; a decent place where the people have more rights than the Company; more say than the Company does in our common future.
    The Tasmanian Government is now corrupt as Joh’s was. If certain state pollies aren’t benefitting directly or in future from the Pulp Mill, I’ll eat me hat!
    Garrett will bring back sensiblility to the mill debate and act in the best interests of the majority and of the nation.

    Comment by BogusFiasco — September 24, 2007 @ 11:24 pm

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