March 03, 2005 | Graham

Another interest rate story

Some were well and truly banking on an interest rate rise this morning. Westpac was very fast out of the blocks with this email. Curious thing is that I’ve never received anything from them by email before, and as far as I know I’ve never opted in to any Westpac email list. Could it be that they are so anxious to get my fixed interest business that they’re completely unconcerned about the spam laws?
Or is Tim Howard advising them on their Internet strategy? A phone call will be made tomorrow to find out. Perhaps I inadvertently signed up when I extended the limit on my Visa Card the other day? In the meantime, thought some might enjoy seeing how a member of our competitive banking cartel greets a rate rise.
This looks like a good hedge product for Labor voters. Hook into a Westpac fixed interest loan before the next election and you can have low interest rates and a Labor government, all at the same time.
BTW, I love the last plug for downloading security patches for Windows – are Westpac getting sponsorship for these emails?

Security advice: Before accessing emails or the internet, always update<br /> your virus, firewall and Windows* software

Security advice: Before accessing
emails or the internet, always update your virus, firewall and Windows*
software. Westpac emails do not include links to sign-in pages, or ask for
your personal security information.
For more information on security, visit the Westpac homepage.

If you’re having
problems viewing this email, go to the online version.


Can’t afford another rate rise? Fix your home loan for two years.


If you’re concerned about rising interest rates, there has never been a
better time to lock in your home loan rate with Westpac’s Fixed Rate
loan. You’ll get a competitive rate of 6.59% p.a. for two years (7.10%
p.a. comparison rate) and the certainty of knowing your loan repayments
won’t rise during the fixed term period. That’s great news if you can’t
afford any financial surprises.

Fix your rate now

To get this great rate speak to a Westpac Home Finance Manager today.
They can offer expert advice and help you choose the best loan for you.

Arrange a meeting with a Westpac Home Finance Manager
today or for
more information call 1300 552 261 or visit

Yours sincerely,

Paul Lilley
Paul Lilley
Group General Manager
Sales and Service

Westpac’s Fixed Rate home loan at a glance:

Lock in your interest rate for two years

Certainty of fixed loan repayments during the term

Make an appointment

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always ensure you have downloaded the latest patches for your operating


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