February 09, 2005 | Graham

Curse of Crikey – Libs move on Queensland expulsions

The Queensland Liberal Party has scanned the horizon, decided there are no elections in prospect for a year or two, and now they are moving on their long awaited expulsions. Well, at least one of them.
This evening Margaret Krause has been served with a “writ” to attend a hearing of the Disciplinary Committee. A process server turned up this evening, eye-blinding flashlight in hand, to start the process.
Krause stands accused of sending an article about Michael Johnson, the Member for Ryan, to Crikey, then circulating it to her email list and sending it to the local newspaper as a letter to the editor. For this alleged heinous crime she is to appear before the committee in a fortnight and is to be denied legal representation. The Disciplinary Committee couldn’t have known that Margaret’s husband Bill would have been recuperating from a heart operation yesterday, but it does make you wonder why they needed to use a process server in the dead of night. Some recuperation.
I wonder whether the other potential recipients of Disciplinary Committee attention – Margaret “GST” Watts, Marion “the Challenger” Feros, Russell “The Rodent” Gault, and “minor electronic press baron” I – will also have to deal with luminscently gifted process servers tonight, or tomorrow night, or any other night. If they are keen to give me attention, then I probably added to their keeness this morning by becoming a regular on Steve Austin’s 612 ABC morning radio programme.
Stay posted. I’m keen to find out what exactly it is I’m alleged to have done. I might find out soon.
Don’t think there’s too much in Crikey’s archives to incriminate me, but they might want to start excluding sources so as to help Margaret out. She might be a sort of electronic paper boy, throwing copies of the email newsletter over the fence for friends, but I doubt that she is a stringer for them. They owe her for her diligent efforts in giving them publicity and circulation. Hope that under the Beecher/Gribble regime they’re not going to start getting precious over breaches of their copyright.

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