March 06, 2004 | Peter

Bush V The Pentagon

President Bush must be getting sick of the Pentagon criticising him. Recently a Pentagon report argued that the War on Iraq would only expand global terrorism and create a quagmire the Americans might be stuck in for years. And now a Pentagon report has said Bush is dead wrong on global warming and must take it seriously.
The report was commissioned by Pentagon adviser Andrew Marshall, who was behind Rumsfeld’s new military policy and BMD (son of Star wars). It says Europe is heading for a snap freeze (this is presumably the cooling Gulf Stream argument) and that the world will go haywire as climactic disaster occurs. Nuclear conflict, mega-drought, famine and widespread rioting will occur. And all up, the threat of rising global instability outweighs the threat of global terrorism.
So there, Dubya, your own boys are telling you. Are you still going for the old ‘the science is not proven’ ploy?
Will President Kerry do something about global warming? If so, what exactly? Or will Bush pull some rabbit out of the hat (there are rumours that the Pakistanis captured Bin Laden, so maybe the Whitehouse is just waiting for the time of maximum impact to tell us) and win a second term? Could be a lot of Americans heading down our way to immigrate if that happens!
Look, this is ridiculous. The threat of global warming makes all the other problems of the world pale into insignificance. The de facto world leader and his all too eager subordinates around the world had better wake up, smell the coffee and get on with doing something about it. I know it is a new kind of problem, and very tricky, but they get paid enough. If they can’t take the heat, let them leave the global warming kitchen to some other cooks who might just have a few new recipes to try.
(Sorry about all the cliches – I just got carried away.)

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    Comment by lilia — March 9, 2004 @ 1:02 pm

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