November 20, 2003 | Peter

The Price of Fame

If ever there was an appropriate contrast to the whole Oz Idol contrived celebrity thing, it’s Michael Jackson’s fall from stardom into what looks like big trouble. Jackson is more talented than all the Oz Idol contestants put together, but he is clearly a complete mess as a human being.
Underneath it all is the fact that very few people can actually handle such white hot celebrity. Jackson had little chance – deprived of a proper childhood by his hungry father, Jackson spent too much time in the whirling confusion of showbiz when he was much too young. Then the fame and money allowed him to cater to his growing dysfunction.
Jackson’s parents and the whole showbiz monster should be on trial along with this pathetic, lost child who just does not understand the rules. A man who hated himself so much he tried to change his skin colour and his whole face, he has been ill served by the hordes who always feed off the rich and famous. And this is an old story.
So those who seek out this monster of fame better be aware that it has a habit of destroying those who can’t take the pressure.

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  1. To go to war with untrained people is tantamount to abandoning them.

    Comment by Eakin Beth — January 26, 2004 @ 6:37 pm

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