October 31, 2003 | Peter

Green, Brown and black smoke over Los Angeles

So Bob Brown is the jolly green giant now, or is this just ‘The Bulletin’ being smart again? One thing all pollies could learn from him is that a little courage goes a long way with the electorate. They are so used to mealy-mouthed pollies covering their electoral, party or factional butts that some one who acts with some reference to principle is a nice change. Brown fights above his weight because he actually fights, while far too many of his colleagues in Canberra just talk a good fight until it comes to the crunch. Brown is a genuine leader, and if the Greens can stop themselves from shooting themselves in the foot, they should reap the electoral benefit.
Speaking of green stuff, interesting to watch the greatest nation on earth losing the battle of Los Angeles. You can’t nuke bush fires, it seems. And how long before some one figures out that all this strange weather just might have something to do with global warming. No matter how much the corporate blockheads finance people like Blomberg to rubbish global warming (because there is always plenty of doubt about something so vast in scale), sooner or later we’ll realise that we have to pay the price for two centuries of industrial abuse of the environment. And this isn’t another devastaing flood in Bangladesh or landslide in Bolivia, this is a fire wiping out million dollar homes in TV land. Maybe Arnie will take it up and tell his Republican mate in Washington that he has to do something. Green Arnie, that would be something – I hope at least one of his gas-guzzling humvees is the right colour.

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