May 08, 2011 | Graham

Has the highpoint of Carbon Intolerance passed?

Would Late Night Live have interviewed Willhelm Riple and Michael Kravcik a year ago? These two academics have views on global warming which is at odds with the IPCC consensus.

Ripl’s view of climate focusses on the water cycle and the way energy is dissipated via circulation. He wasn’t saying much that Bill Kininmonth hasn’t been saying for years.

Philip Adams is a strong global warming proponent so these interviews are significant. Particularly when the area in Australia has been dominated by intellectual bullies like Clive Hamilton and John Quiggin who have argued that it is bad journalism to publish articles critical of the IPCC consensus.

You can listen to the Late Line program here.

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  1. The IPCC isn’t the only source of up to date info.

    Other scientists in the US (the National Research Council) are calling for urgent action on greenhouse emissions.

    The Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program predict higher sea level rises due to faster than predicted melting:

    Why is it so hard to understand and accept the hard science?

    Comment by Karin Geiselhart — May 13, 2011 @ 2:56 pm

  2. How refreshing to witness the ABC’s continuing balanced reporting on how humans are influencing the climate while commercial stations continue to peddle the nonsense of democracy’s frauds, Plimer, Carter and Monckton. However, these gentlemen have been given ample air time by the ABC too, despite their blatant misuse of the science.

    In recent months, even Britain’s top deniers have given “Lord” Monckton a wide berth. The dictatorial Monckton, posing as a member of the House of Lords, is sufficiently deluded in believing he can dupe people with his “science” by describing perfect strangers as “Nazi youth and bed-wetting moaning Minnies of the Apocalyptic Traffic-Light Tendency—those Greens too yellow to admit they’re really Reds.”

    And while Willhelm Riple is a virtual unknown, Michael Kravcik is a highly respected hydrologist whose publications on how humans are changing the landscape, destroying precious water supplies and desecrating ecosystems has been ignored by Australia’s political leaders who remain captured by the big polluters:

    “Somehow we keep forgetting that water is the thermoregulator of heat. So where there is enough water, the landscape heats only slowly, while where is dry weather, the landscape overheats fast reaching big differences in temperature e.g. between night and day – or winter and summer.

    “According to our estimates, each year over 700 billion m3 rainwater vanishes from continents – that in the past had been soaked and saturated in soil, and evaporated in the atmosphere. This is how rainwater kept the climate within limits – without any extreme floods, droughts or sudden shifts in climate.” (Michael Kravcik 2009).

    Today, Australian governments are handing over massive tracts of the continent’s lands to the mining industry – the very industry that is predominantly responsible for AGW and one that is spending tens of millions of dollars to prevent climate action while bludging off the environment for free. This is the industry that Carter and Plimer have a self-interest and the duplicitous Monckton is industry’s dancing boy.

    A current example of the wanton destruction of Australia’s groundwater are the projects by BHP, Toro Energy and Mega in the semi-arid region of Wiluna in WA where they plan to rip up native vegetation to build their massive mines and extract approximately six gigalitres of water a year, which is equivalent to at least 3,000 Olympic swimming pools – or 60 times Wiluna’s town annual scheme supply. And that is for a mere four mining projects.

    In Addition, the 2009 Uranium Conference boasted of having “450 uranium projects in WA,” despite the urgent requirement to protect the hydrological cycles and underground aquifers in drought-ravaged WA.

    Kravcik’s publications are not at odds with the IPCC as the author incorrectly suggests. AGW creates a positive feedback loop: hazardous fossil fuel chemicals burn and oxidize to CO2 and water. Humans release CO2, which warms the air, which boosts evaporation, which increases water vapour – and thus significantly amplifies the warming. CO2 hangs around for decades if not centuries. All things are bound together – all things connect.

    Further, during 2009 concerning a question on denier and would-be climate expert, Vaclav Klaus, Michael Kravcik replied:

    “Frankly, I have not read the Czech Presidents´s book. But personally I have no doubts that – apart from many other factors – part of climatic change has been caused by human activities. By shifting the majority voice on climatic changes to the marginal issue, only roots for the sceptics to argue that the climatic change in fact does not exist , or if it does, then it is beyond the human reach to influence it, because it is part of the Earth´s natural processes.

    ”I consider this a very dangerous trend for the Planet Earth´s sustainable development.”

    Comment by Dryblower — May 14, 2011 @ 3:21 am

  3. Dryblower,I suggest you look at Fukushima,depleted uranium used by the USA and their proposed use of mini nukes to win wars of imperialism against the likes of China/Middle East to be the gravest environmental threat facing us all.

    Comment by Ross — May 14, 2011 @ 10:56 am

  4. Ross – I suggest you look to find the country of origin for the uranium used at Fukushima, USA and many other countries.

    Minister for Nuclear Proliferation, Martin Ferguson and SA Premier Mike Rann rejoice over the prospect of bequeathing a radioactive wasteland to the present and futute generations of this nation. Yes Siree, perhaps we can breed our very own environmental refugees on sovereign soil?

    And let’s not forget Premier, Colin Barnett and the Uranium industry who boast of “450” uranium prospects in drought-ravaged WA – the driest and largest state in the nation.

    Democracy’s frauds, the yellowcake cowboys can do their usual runner and the ecological collapse of this nation’s fragile biodiversity will be quite something.

    Already 10-28 million reptiles are losing their lives to the estimated 2 million drillholes at Coober Pedy every year and shaved chimp, Mike Rann has no plans to cap the drill holes.

    The gravest environmental threat comes from within Ross – the mining industry, from which the dancing boys in parliament take their orders! CO2 and radionuclides? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

    Comment by Dryblower — May 17, 2011 @ 12:38 am

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