August 21, 2010 | Graham

Libs alternate wrap

The Liberals are running two separate versions of their wrap. Both are negative, but one tries to rope Anna Bligh into the argument. Could be a smart move, because from the polling it is obvious that state Labor is pulling federal Labor down in three states. If Tony Abbott wins today, much will be owed to incompetent Liberal oppositions who couldn’t win their last elections against incompetent and unpopular state Labor administrations.

Julia Gillard and Anna Bligh election wrap

The photo above is from Ryan. It’s different from other wrap that they are running elsewhere in Ryan and in other electorates which you can see below, edited from the image in my earlier post of Coorparoo State School.

Liberal positive wrap at Coorparoo

I don’t think either wrap works particularly well. What do you think? Does either work? How do they decide where to display it?

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  1. I really dislike all of the wraps from every party. There should be some constraint on how much those things are allowed to cover. Some booths look like they’re wrapped up like a Christo artwork.

    I think the Bligh reminder isn’t a bad one, although personally I think it’s a Labor brand problem rather than Bligh per se. She’s just unpopular because she’s the leader – if they change leaders, the new one will quickly become just as unpopular. It not the salesperson out front that’s the real problem for them, it’s the product they’re trying to sell, so in that sense the wrap reminding people of state Labor probably worked.

    Comment by Andrew Bartlett — August 23, 2010 @ 1:40 am

  2. Yeah, I wish there was a limit on it. First time I remember it at an election was 1993. “Jobs not GST” was plastered everywhere. Then for a number of years it was a race to see who could get their wrap up first. I can remember sleeping out to guard wrap we’d put up the night before, and a brawl at the Coorparoo booth when someone threatened to put wrap up in front of the other party’s using star pickets!

    Now I think most booths have some sort of an allocation of space.

    Congrats on your result. It was a big figure for the Greens in that seat.

    Comment by Graham — August 24, 2010 @ 6:41 am

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