November 07, 2015 | Graham

Issue not whether Shorten’s actions were illegal, but whether they should have been

Bill Shorten is crying foul because the Trade Union Royal Commission advised us late on Friday he had not broken the law.

This begs the question. There should be a law forbidding what he did.

He took money from employers that he was negotiating wage agreements with. This is an unacceptable conflict of interest and ought to be illegal.

Any ethical person would not do it.

Bill Shorten is not an ethical person.

If he was a lawyer and did this he would be struck off.

But due to corruption of the legal system by government legislation, apparently union leaders are not held to any fiduciary duties.

This defect in the law “proves” the commission is a witch hunt, despite the fact that 10s of crooked union officials have been referred to police because they have used these sorts of tactics in areas which are free from industrial relations law.

We all need to be asking not why the commission chose to release the results this late, but why industrial laws allow individuals to do things which in any other sphere would be illegal.

Bill Shorten is a crook. The law just hasn’t caught up with, and defined, his crookedness.

I’m hoping my Labor friends replace him.

Australia deserves better than this.


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