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Trans-Pacific Partnership shows democratic deficit

Monday, January 26th, 2015

It is easy to be blase about corruption in other places. No one thinks much of what passes for government in countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, or other places that don’t think much of human rights. (Lots of things upset me about our PM’s ideology, but I sleep better at night knowing he doesn’t keep […]

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Is Google China’s David?

Monday, January 18th, 2010

We know China is a Goliath, but is Google now willing to use its slingshot to give it a black eye? Google is at last standing up to China, going to pull the plug rather than give in to China’s demands to censure sites relating to democracy, Tibet and other irritants to the status quo. […]

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Green entrepreneurs can be the best activists

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Several groups in Canberra are now going through strategic reviews. One is the SeeChange group, which grew out of the Nature and Society Forum. The other is ACT Peak Oil. Both have websites, if you care to look them up. Both seek a balance between practical work and policy advocacy. These are hardly exclusive, and […]

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Confusion by design?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Trust in the markets is a brave thing, yet most people I have spoken to about the recent turbulence have voiced that view: in the longer term, the stock market only goes up. Of course, there are glitches and some losses when big companies collapse, but overall one can expect to make money on the […]

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The not so super sting in the tail

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Having bitten the bullet and removed my remaining funds from my industry fund, other questions arise. Namely, who ‘owns’ the loss? The following is based on my understanding and limited knowledge of how super works and what was said over the phone, and is therefore hardly rock solid. I hope to leave you in some […]

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In Praise of Older Goods

Friday, January 18th, 2008

…or the African Freecycle Boogie. I guess it is rewarding to live long enough to see my youthful concerns become mainstream alarms. Or at least fashionable. And that is what is now happening with recycled goods. Second hand goods have appealed to me since my childhood. At about age 7, with my equally naughty friend […]

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Hey dude, who moved my super?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Like many Australian approaching retirement age, I have started to move other assets into an industry super fund. The tax free lure dangles like the golden ring on a merry-go-round. The only hitch is that it really is a merry-go-round, and my ticket only gives me a limited number of rides. Like the old farmers […]

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Rational markets

Saturday, April 9th, 2005

I first came across the “efficient markets” thesis which says that stock prices always embody and fairly price all the information known about the stock , in the ’80s, but never paid much attention to it. Stock markets are an efficient way of resolving the arguments between investors as to what price they should pay […]

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