August 18, 2013 | Graham

Nothing you could say would change my mind

Unless things pick up this will be a disastrous election for TV stations.

In elections not only do they have to spend a lot more covering politics than normal, but this is generally at least partly offset by income from political advertising.

I’ve been watching TV for the ad Tsunami, but it is either still far away at sea having minimal impact on sea level, or it has been over-anticipated.

Perhaps it is the second.

Sure, there have been some ads, but not many.

My perception is that the ALP has been more active with advertising, even resurrecting a version of the 80s “Whinging Wendy” – a 30-something mother of indeterminate numbers who pointedly tells the camera in a Strine-streaked voice that she doesn’t trust Mr Abbott.

But I haven’t seen Wendy for a while.

At the same time I’m subject to an avalanche of results in local seats which say that the national polls just have to be wrong and Labor is doing somewhere as badly as it was with Julia.

Could it be that the public mood has set in so strongly that not only is there nothing either side could say to change their mind, but just the act of trying makes them more inclined to stick with their current intention?

If your ads are backfiring, the worst thing you can do is run with them.

And for what it is worth, here are some links to some devastating local polls for the government:


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  1. I don’t think we can blame the election for this result Graham, but rather, economic conditions.
    Small businesses are being wound up in record numbers by the ATO, and many larger concerns are apparently trading while insolvent.
    Were it not for the mining boom and its spinoffs, this country would be in the depths of deep dark enduring recession.
    Clearly the non mining economy needs much more stimulus, (another cash splash) instead of the period of austerity that probably confronts us, on purely ideological grounds.
    Even so, that’s got to be better than the economically illiterate greens, (who are also losing support) continuing to run the country, via electoral engineering/puppet
    mastery,and or, political blackmail.
    Mr Rudd is losing his gloss? Perhaps his true nature is shining through?
    After all the condemnation of relentless negativity, he now seems to be employing it almost exclusively?
    And the poll results seem to indicate, the electorate have had a neckful!
    Alan B. Goulding.

    Comment by Alan Goulding — August 19, 2013 @ 10:59 am

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