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Books available for review

As a complement to On Line Opinion’s January feature “Books I recommend” Copyright publishing has offered a complimentary copy of any of the titles below for review by existing On Line Opinion authors. Please send me an email editor@onlineopinion.com.au if you are interested in participating in this offer.

Needed but not wanted – Chinese in Rabaul 1884-1960 by Dr Peter Cahill <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=149> Scholarly but readable history of Chinese in an exotic but doomed town in a New Guinea volcanic crater. Taken by Rafe Champion

Simply one life by Frances and Adrian Bowler <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=145> A mother and son describe living with late onset schizophrenia, its management, embellished with some beautiful poetry.

Scorched – pushing the boundaries across the Sahara <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=144> A true story of adventure – crossing the Sahara from north to south in a Kombi van in the early 1970s.

The versed writing of Jock McPoet <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=143> Poetic snapshots from over 30 years of political and social observation. All poems have rhythm, rhyme and meaning.

Pounding along to Singapore by Caroline Gaden <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=142> Letters home by one of the heros of the fall of Singapore skilfully edited with background commentary by the author.

The Pitts in Paradise by Laraine Dillon <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=139> A novel of life in the raw by a writer who has experienced what she describes in a search for a sea change – a tropical paradise is what you make it. Taken by Kevin Rennie.

A Lethal Occupation – but some people thrive on it by Dr Monty Morris <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=138> The vicar of Bangkok for 10 years where a Vicars had a short life expectancy. Entertaining and informative stories of western life in an eastern culture

Priska goes to the theatre – the evolution of the Gospel of John by Dr John Steele <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=137> A scholarly look at the history of the Bible by one of Australia’s finest theological and historical writers. Taken by David Pohlmann

A Surgical Life – dreaming things that never were by Dr John Frawley <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=128> Autobiography of an Australian surgical pioneer. Gripping and well written.

And all our Yesterdays by Fleur Lehane <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=110> A fitting sequel to the Author’s best seller Heartbreak Corner. The stories of the Durack and Tully families are the stuff of pioneering in Australia. The east coast equivalent of Kings in Grass Castles.

Bold Bhutan Beckons by Tim Fischer and Tshering Tashi <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=113> The tiny kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, wedged between two superpowers, India and China, is a lesson in survival and an inspiration in the search for happiness. Taken by Winton Bates.

Cape York – the savage frontier by Rodney Liddell <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=102> Describes the territorial disputes and genocide between Cape York mainland tribes, Torres Strait tribes and Papua New Guinea tribes from the time of white settlement. After the inevitable skirmishes, never has there been such a time of peace on the Cape since then.

Starlight – an Australian Army doctor in Vietnam by Dr Tony White <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=130> Autobiography of a quiet hero, one of many who have helped defend this country.

The Pearls of Broome by Aji Ellies <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=127> An exquisite coffee table book about pearls, Broome and five generations of a pearling family. Cultivated pearls were first developed at Cape York in Queensland by a British oceanographer stationed there. Two Japanese gentlemen spent 6 months there, took the process back to Japan, patented it, and Mikimoto became the richest man in Japan.

Understanding Personal and Economic Liberty by Ronald Kitching <http://www.copyright.net.au/details.php?id=61> A tour de force commentary through the literature of freedom. Taken by Rafe Champion

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