October 28, 2012 | Graham

Did she really say this?

Julia Gillard tied Australia’s engagement with Asia to the NBN, and particularly its development of language skills.

The government’s tactic is pretty clear. Wrench control of the agenda from Tony Abbott using the gender wars, and then launch a fresh agenda framed around key head nods while he is still trying to justify himself.

This isn’t government, this is media management, but will the media notice?

There ought to be huge guffaws around the idea that Asian language teaching will be delivered via the NBN.

We already have an Internet which is quite capable of delivering Asian language teaching. The NBN has nothing to do with that.

But an underlying assumption of the argument appears to be that we won’t be investing any additional money in language teaching here but will be shipping it in electronically. Typical – wanting bang, but for someone else’s buck.

So the Gillard government will deliver language tuition without impacting on the fragile budget surplus via the NBN which, while a potentially huge sink for government funds, is off-budget.

Everything that this government does is a caricature of what governments do. It is hard to take them seriously.

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  1. I was amazed at the way languages are taught in our schools. The basics seem to be ignored. like verbs and vocabluary as a daily test. My grandson has been doing Indonesian since primary school. he is now in Year 8 and I can’t see much advancement in his skills.
    To learn a language on the internet the student will have to be committed and most kids are not. Adults are different they are more motivated. Private schools are often better at teaching a language.
    There is not enough good teachers to teach languages.

    Comment by Mary J — October 29, 2012 @ 11:50 am

  2. In my experience teaching French, it is very difficult to teach another language when English basics like parts of speech are not taught or known, e.g. nouns, verbs, adverbs, or tenses, etc. The conversational aspect can be picked up.

    Comment by Dana — October 29, 2012 @ 12:52 pm

  3. There is a way that all Australian children can gain a complete first foreign language in primary school in around 100 hours (a sixth of what would be necessary for Italian, and twenty one times less than Chinese would need).

    The language that can be mastered in that time is Esperanto and it can be used to communicate with other schoolchildren in dozens of other countries. The ‘transparent grammar” of Esperanto informs both English usage and the mastery of subsequent languages.

    Julia has done slightly more about this idea that Tony so far. It will be interesting to see whether either of them actually get around to implementing a strategy that offers better outcomes for kids, comes in under budget for costs and doesn’t leave anyone out.

    Comment by Penelope Vos — October 29, 2012 @ 3:06 pm

  4. The government might actually have an agenda all right –a vision of a future Australia, in contrast to the Oppsition’s fear mongering,

    If the latest polls are accurate about half the electorate is now taking the government seriously.
    The “fragile budget surplus” could be made far less fragile by eliminating middle class welfare such as the subsidies for private schools.

    Comment by RussellW — October 29, 2012 @ 3:11 pm

  5. I’m not convinced that there is any conspiracy aimed at Tony here Graham?
    Although, I do so love a really good conspiracy theory.
    I mean, in any conspiracy, there’s almost always someone extremely competent/ruthless at the helm, who understands implicitly, what needs to be done and by who, and exactly what needs to happen, and the order of managed events, that then begets the desired result?
    [High praise indeed for Julia?]
    As for foreign language skills, I believe the mother tongue method, video-audio, is the easiest and the fastest; and indeed, eminently suitable for virtually effortless absorption via the much vaunted NBN.
    As for how we pay for it?
    Well, there is as much as a reported 26 billion handed over annually, as middle class welfare; that could be far better spent and or properly means tested!
    So that our laudable charity goes to people in need, not people languishing in dire greed.
    [When people have had something for a while, they begin to believe it’s their God given entitlement! And giving welfare to the better off, is arguably, as politically astute as grabbing a tiger by the tail!
    I mean, you let go or stop swinging at your peril! Least the beast,{the Electorate,} turn and seek landslide result repercussions!]
    Negative gearing has not produced any low cost or affordable housing, just the exact opposite!? And any market downturn or devaluation, can have dire consequences for the negative geared investor?
    Besides, positive gearing produces better fiscal results, decentralisation and affordable housing into the bargain.
    We could reroute 5 billion per, just by suspending or jettisoning negative gearing.
    It might be worth keeping if only Australian investors were the principle recipients?
    However, given the almost absurd level of predatory foreign investment in our real estate/property market, it hardly likely that that is the case?
    [Not all that long ago, prior to the tsunami, the Gold Coast could have been called little Tokyo?}
    And can any decent, fair-minded person, in good conscience, make a remotely cogent case, for rewarding debt laden foreign speculators, at the expense of essential social service outcomes for our own?
    Alan B. Goulding.

    Comment by Alan B. Goulding — October 31, 2012 @ 10:51 am

    Aussie Public
    Mama just killed the beast, put a gun up to its head, pulled the trigger it joined the dead. “The dead that they’ve made. They walk our land, hollow in side and vacant in the space we call conscience.” Its a killer in every sense of the word … Victim after victim plead but never heard! Our call for mercy …… or a little peace? (Unheard). (With the stench of Power Unearned)
    So who do we know or who knows the way. … to regain the larrikin and return to the day where dreaming was natural and kids could play. Where the average Aussie had their say in Agendas and decisions of our lives.

    PM of the day
    Confusion, Deception, let me play my smarts … I’m invincible, untouchable, assumption is an art. So I say take that and deliver me. The me I think you’ll want to see. Normal with humility, didn’t know of conspiracy, naive to any mutiny ….. But now Im here you’ll follow me .ME, ME. ME!!!! Ohh not that me …. I meant to say the REAL, REAL , me.
    Now I’m here the ME that you see. The ME THAT – I WOULD -LIKE TO BE Entrenched in Ozzy Infamy oops I mean History!
    With my humble servants shocked in submission, I blunder on thru and I escape *contrition! What you don’t have can’t bring you down. So my lack of conviction & values sit sound. By pain, by fear MY messages clear … but you won’t see or comprehend … til the love that you give (to the role that I stole) depletes and destroys all your dreams.
    The meek may inherit the earth! As it stands I offer them me. It’s what they want … I’ll make them see. A fine choice ….. solidarity; as they sink into the extent of our duplicity and drown in the toxic economy! (No Soul … Black hole … show your love!)
    The nature of the beast, still unknown …. I’ll influence your children with policy unknown …. DAYCARE is POWER share … The fees are down pay your share and no I don’t have any of my own!
    Connection? Whats that? Ohh … I once had a cat …. It died …. I cried … See I care!
    So I’ll TELL you what’s right and what’s fair. As I sell up the land and tax air. Give flights to the boat people ….. those in despair who ignore our laws, invade our shore .. Like a message in a bottle they bobbed near!!!!
    HEADLINES … of a sorry plight …… It’ll distract the fact I wound good policy back and we’re now weak (am I exposed yet … *obtuse?)
    Ignorant, dumb but oh so self assured. My recklessness borders on abuse.
    The compromise door left ajar invites mockery deals from a far.” Let us suggest we clean up your mess $billion upfront the rest we’ll take on demand.
    Ohh my (empty notion) that’s rather handsome! Sorry people I sold you out and now we’re all up for ransom!
    Constituents arrived in chains, later they arrived in planes. But the desperate will make news … fresh tragedy to abuse. And let the citizens broil in my stew.

    Aussie Public
    No more Biatch … we’re taking control! You’re exposed for what you are a ranga without a soul
    Aussie is a collective of those who want a choice. Todays politics has stolen our voice.
    Our Oldies paid in Super … compulsory they say …. Conserved and untouchable … yet fees eat it away.
    We know there is no pension, no safety net when old. Clandestine sell offs can’t hide the debt black hole and no recovery is possible of assets that you’ve sold.
    The land that created legends, worn faces full of pride. Have dried up and gone bust now. Part of the Murray river divide.
    Storm boys land is salt lakes, no pelican to be seen. Hey? What’s that white up ahead?” Oh its bore depletion glean.
    The multi cultural populous mistook our life as sweet. Then the minority complaints were pampered by fake cheats.
    Political Correctness! SHOVE that where it fits.
    Those who are real Aussie will thrive on grit and wits.
    Take a look at supporting news links and what they really mean. All done with little knowledge yet in our face it seems. Wont swallow your backstairs influence with our ADHD meds … Is our future a blatant takeover; sanctioned criminal immunity from the FEDS?
    We’re taking back the vote now! The one you stabbed and clawed. Coz whether you like it or not … it was never yours to pawn.
    Yeah I’m multi cultural … I had an Asian love last night. I called a Lebo friend when money was tight. It helped with the mortgage coz my kids hubbies from the East and we live together at the mo til they can get upon their feet.
    Apparently I’m Danish but I never knew my dad and my mum worked 3 jobs to provide the little that we had.
    I was taught to think objectively. To do the best I can and respect the view of others …. This is stolen Black Mans land.
    Yet I watch the politicians squeeze out our very life …. Punish indiscriminately by tightening all our rights, take away our freedoms and subjugate our life.
    The new neighbour is offended …. it doesn’t happen in their land ….. NOR does the lovely house or the financial helping hand. Yet again they’re in the news. Pander to their cries … Unaware new migrant used like pawns in political lies.

    PM of the Day
    The good ole Aussie wants to remain supportive and true blue so we’ll tax his little arse again.
    AND SCREAM .. Tolerate the NEW!

    Aussie Public
    So open up your eyes … if you call this land your home.
    Is Australia your safe future or a place just up on loan.
    Pawned by the will of those who pervert our very choice.
    Who Dominate with trivia and *subversively steal our voice.
    This isn’t who we are or what we want to be. They steal our hard earned dollar and give it away for free.
    Generous is our nature, we were happy and carefree. But they’re stealing all our free will and making decisions – *fait accompli.
    Step up to the mark. Earn the pride you want to own. Let the younger Aussie know. Accomplishment is reaped from what they’ve sown.
    We’re losing our very nature, as the psychos rule our news. Let’s take back their unearned power vote in those who’ve paid their dues.
    First female of the land should want to take your hand; be someone that relates to dreams of the Aussie land. Mother nature knows our way and the cost of love and life. The pride that’s earned through the lessons learned in the path of hard earned rights.
    The journey of the desperate is always filled with pain. Neglect and Tyranny project the hidden shame.
    The homeless with no pride, kids with a feeling of defeat (Not theirs, not fair) likened to a druggie lying in the street. They’re glaring at a vacant conscience, like our nations sad defeat.
    Don’t pervert your ignorance anymore your disgrace has left us owing.
    Your stick your nose where it smells all wrong. No conviction or values showing.
    The young ones sense the hollow tones … An absent of heartbeat ….
    If they follow the leader of today it’s a licence to lie and cheat.
    Right now No Pride, No comfort. Or spoils of HOME Grown! Leaders meant to teach success have left the young alone! Deceit, foul tactics, insults, put downs and general moans is all that’s aired from Parliament not a trace of quality shown.
    Grow a pair is a motto dodged …… as you have no sense of cred, shackle up your whipping boy he’ll take the heat instead. Dispensable Scapegoats your currency; Performance turning sour.. Based upon false victory on shallow, usurped power.
    Aussie power fuelled in sync. Open your eyes we are all linked;
    You may not like it, want it or care. Life isn’t easy and it isn’t fair.
    But we’re being walked all over, told what to do. Decisions of your money made for you. Slaves to the master – Who feign authority, self appointed Tyrants with a high range salary..
    Draw ridicule to our nation when she falls upon our face.
    But India sounds lovely. Looks like a real, nice place?
    What were you there for? Who paid your way? The ones you bleed dry can’t afford a holiday.
    Couldn’t win by rank and file or fake the baby kiss, so hedged a beat diversion style, planned for reaction hit and miss. We’ve been suckered into suffer and this result SCREAMS a code red, the aussie outspoken attitudes been dangerously subverted and remiss.
    We need to stand and make a noise. Shake off the brain dead curse we’re heading for a steep decline that continues to get worse. The future generation needs a sustainable legacy protect their simple pleasures like a fresh apple from a tree.
    Small Business Man
    Our debt is running out of control like a runaway train. While small business is yet again force to take the strain. The land of opportunity we think not. The pressures mounting and its gonna POP!
    Small business the lifeblood of the land of Prosperity? Hahaha It’s the patsy ever pressured to fund bad policy.
    Morale keeps diving and the ATO keeps striving to squeeze another dollar out of me. Fresh new arrivals with their homeland force styles, wear ATO rules like artillery.
    And we’re up against a joyless, winless impasse.

    Aussie Teenager
    My parents are always working so I hang with the crew. Some of them steal & sell drugs for fast cash … no rules and what else is there to do. They make lots of money, its all tax free and unlike the olds, still have time for me.
    ———-“I dont want my kids and life to be as I see”.—
    Radical change someone with guts …..someone not scared to count out the cuts. The political stage behave like clowns. Never heard of a new idea or any breaking ground….. “You know … something that is inspirational or brings positivity. Where and when will any of it really help me?”
    What would I do if I had my say? …. I’d change the whole system; Holt the mess in a day.
    Like when business up the road started to slow. The sheriff took all their stuff. They had nowhere to go.
    The Countries we’re funding might see the real light. That we have our own problems and are in deep strife. I’d negotiate our deals for something that’s fair. Coz if we work in Harmony we have something to share.
    People have a lot to give … but no one has the time We’re existing with no joy like slaves of another time.
    Very few dream coz the bill pile is too high … If we believe gloom from the news it’ wont change until we die.
    The stories here say that our lands been sold. Home grown food source is offshore controlled.. Aussie produce now out of our reach too good for locals walking our streets.
    Bloody idiots they said we were smart, then they blew off our soil in a fat cat fart.
    So … yeah I’d grind it to a big fat HOLT; Look at our problems and find the fault.
    Then find the fix!
    Government Fat Cat what do you do? Are you any real value or are you part of the stew?
    What costs us money? The Crims and the system.
    Let’s figure out the types and start to work with them.
    Just like my crew that are young, bored and poor. There’s a lot of dumb crims that’s for sure. But the smart ones have skill. They’re street smart and agile they’d kick your ass if you’re too soft or fragile.

    So what do we do and where do we go? The first thing to learn is to ….

    Resembles Parliament on an average day!
    So the mobster fare can fund the debt. They’re creative ways will see profits jet. . Lets embrace they’re skill and pay huge largess. Call them our heroes …… saviours of the day. An honest days work for a suitable pay.
    Ask the community what needs to be done and the thankless welfare worker who supports the shunned.
    Some Crims won’t want to leave the joint. They know nothing but their cell. They can earn their way and get some pay. Watching the ones in perpetual hell. The ones too crazy to see the light of day. Supported by the screws that were there anyway.

    Its basic reality …. if you look ….. and find genuine people who care.
    Who aren’t always saving face: Coz they shouldn’t be there.
    Stop the debt, the tap of death. Announce ” World please wait!” Our Aussie health is suffering, Growth pains have stalled us mate.
    Ask the people what they want and how they can help the cause.
    Diamonds rise to the Top. Release our free spirit off pause!
    We have no leadership, No Faith, no role models to save the day.
    Some of our young Suffer esteem poverty, lack nature and free play. The result of the last two decades, modelled from politically correct ways.
    Yet they respect and know their body express mind, and soul They’re choking on line in what we call the Cloud. Big Brother falters can’t keep up with the cyber crowd.
    The banks run wild without a face, moral savings disappear … gone without a trace.
    Aussie Public
    Aussie is a collective of those who HAD a choice, but while we weren’t looking Pollies stole our voice.

    Polly want a cracker? This ones just for you.
    Brace yourself for taxing pain. Each Aussie must go thru.
    ” A glitch in your audit, shows integrity loss.
    As you failed to acknowledge the people as your boss
    Whilst there’s a massive spike for wardrobe and a claim for hair & beauty
    The biggest deficit we’ve found is moral bankruptcy fluffed up to hide the mutiny.

    Aussie is a collective of those who choose their life, who will speak up for the underdog and the little guy that tries. Mother nature beckons us to be free to re-energise. Restore our dreams, regain control and have access to someone wise.
    The tall poppy was a syndrome that knocked the big shot down, but we’ve been gone too far the other way and are being bullied by a clown.
    ————————————- God Bless and I hope this makes you wild. I’d love hear what we do from here. Its up to Rescue your lost Aussie Child! Fight, Fight Fight! ——————————————
    Contrition or contriteness[1] is sincere and complete remorse (i.e. regret with a sense of guilt) for sins one has committed. The remorseful person is said to be contrite.
    Obtuse is described as having a lack of intelligence or sensitivity. For example, a person can make an obtuse remark.
    Verb 1. subjugate – put down by force or intimidation; “The government quashes any attempt of an uprising”; “China keeps down her dissidents very efficiently”; “The rich landowners subjugated the peasants working the land”
    Subversion refers to an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, and hierarchy. Or more specifically, subversion can be described as an attack on the public morale and, “the will to resist intervention are the products of combined political and social or class loyalties which are usually attached to national symbols. Subversion is used as a tool to achieve political goals because it generally carries less risk, cost, and difficulty as opposed to open belligerency. Furthermore, it is a relatively cheap form of warfare that does not require large amounts of training.[2] A subversive is something or someone carrying the potential for some degree of subversion. In this context, a “subversive” is sometimes called a “traitor” with respect to (and usually by) the government in-power
    clandestine – conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods
    Fait Accompli -In English, (and in French) fait accompli means a course of events that has already been completed and cannot be undone, or something that has been decided and is, therefore, a done deal

    u•surp (y -sûrp , -zûrp )
    v. u•surped, u•surp•ing, u•surps
    1. To seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force or without legal authority.
    2. To take over or occupy without right: usurp a neighbor’s land.
    3. To take the place of (another) without legal authority; supplant.

    Tyrant In classical politics, a tyrant (Greek τύραννος, tyrannos) is one who illegally seizes and controls a governmental power in a polis. These tyrants were a group of individuals who took over many Greek poleis during the uprising of the middle classes in the sixth and seventh centuries BC, ousting the aristocratic governments.
    Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics — against his own people as well as others”. [1]
    remiss [rɪˈmɪs]
    adj (postpositive)
    1. lacking in care or attention to duty; negligent
    2. lacking in energy; dilatory

    Comment by Elicia — November 15, 2012 @ 5:43 pm

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