March 09, 2012 | Graham

Where are the gender police on this one?

I have trouble believing that if an ad like this had been run by the Liberal Party about a male ALP figure, say Kevin Rudd, that the gender police wouldn’t have been out in force. So where are they now? It targets Campbell Newman through his wife and suggests she’s incapable of doing anything for herself.

Does feminism only apply when the left is under attack?

Seems to me that they are only interested in slights against one side of politics. We’ve recently seen reams of column inches inveighing against the “sexism” aimed at Julie Gillard – apparently even calling her “Juliar” is a feminist offence with a mandatory non-parole period – but Queensland Labor can get away with this with impunity.

Just look at the last frame. The implication here is that she’s just the little lady accepting trophies from Campbell as a cover for his nefarious activities.

I’ve been surprised at how little targeting by the LNP there has been of Anna Bligh and assumed it was because they didn’t want to risk any sort of feminist backlash.

Understandable, particularly as the ALP and some university academics have been trying to pin comments made about women and the risks of going out partying at night by the LNP’s Cairns candidate on Campbell.

They’ve been demanding he sack the candidate, a campaign that’s been run hard in Ashgrove where he is competing for the seat against Kate Jones. Jones is unashamedly playing the gender card, and her campaign colour is pink, a colour most recently associated with female fragility through “Pink Ribbon Day”, with a clear undertone that Newman is a male aggressor, and probably worse.

I hear Germaine Greer is coming back to town for Q&A sometime soon. Maybe someone should ask her what she thinks? Our domestic feminists are very quiet.

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