November 23, 2011 | Graham

Has Wikileaks paved the way for Climategate 2.0?

Wikileaks might be threatening to go into hibernation because of lack of cash, but it seems that the Internet as a tool for dumping documents that are embarrassing to people in positions of power and influence is only just starting.

In fact Wikileaks, quite unfairly in my view, gained a lot of applause for doing what other organisations, or individuals, had been using the Internet to do for quite some time.

A case in point is the original 2009  Climategate emails which were discussed in the blogosphere long before they eventually seeped into the MSM. Contrast that to the  red carpet coverage that Wikileaks got for their dump of intelligence documents which told us mostly what we knew already – “a diplomat is a man who is paid to lie for his country”.

Well, it seems that Climategate is back in a sequel confusingly being called Climategate 2.0 (no, it’s not interactive, just a second tranche of embarrassing emails).

I’m not sure whether they tell us any more than the original emails – that is that some individuals at the centre of climate change science are quite corrupt and will destroy evidence or colleagues which contradict their positions even though at the same time they have considerable doubt about those same positions themselves.

I first found out about this new controversy, which is only a few hours old, courtesy of this post to our forum referencing information on a blog called TallBloke, which led me on to Business Insider, and hence to the climate blogs BI references.

That my best initial information came from the mainstream, not blogs, shows how much Wikileaks has changed the MSM. But it shouldn’t have taken Wikileaks to do it.

It also shows how the Google algorithm appears to be marginalising blogs in favour of MSM. Business Insider is not a noted authority on climate, yet it ranks better on the search term “climategate 2.0 Tallbloke” than the blog TallBloke which I was trying to find and which was one of the sites actually breaking the story.

It’s hard to make a living online when Google helps your much larger rival to scoop your scoop!

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  1. Good article,

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    Comment by Marc de Jong — June 28, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

  2. see Marc de Jong on Facebook. Comment on ambit and global warming

    Comment by Marc de Jong — June 30, 2012 @ 3:44 am

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