September 22, 2011 | Graham

Sign of the Times

Is this a new development in the global warming debate?

The most recent Times Atlas, regarded in Britain apparently as the most prestigious atlas which is reflected in its cost of £150, has shaved 15% off the ice cover of Greenland.

No-one seems to know why as the ice loss has in fact been less than0.1 percent and one of the contributors to the Atlas who wrote the text on global warming referred to it as “that Greenland rubbish”.

The error seems to have been most heavily criticised by scientists from the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge, but whilst admitting the errors the publishers “stand by the accuracy of the maps in this and all other editions of the Times Atlas”.

The two things that stand out here are the willingness of educators to knowingly push false information out into schools (which is where the atlas will be mostly used) and the readiness of the scientists to criticise the error.

There is, regrettably, nothing new about the first, but there is about the second. When Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth came out with all its howlers and was used in schools I don’t recall one scientific voice being raised in protest.

Hopefully things are changing with responsible scientists being prepared to point out extremist and alarmist claims.

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  1. The worm is turning Graham and many more scientists are now having the courage to speak out.Dr David Evans was a computer climate modeller for our Govt.He believed in AGW until 1996 when the statistics no longer supported the theory.However because there were $ billions tied up in this theory not only for scientific jobs but for Govts and the share market scammers,AGW or Climate Change could not be stopped no matter what the scientific reality.

    Scientists justified their lies by the noble cause of saving the planet.Even if C02 wasn’t the blame,there was an enormous destruction of the environment effected by human activity that needed addressing.Yet now we see the hypocracy of the environmental movement,that allows coal seam gas fracking,and expansion of Global Trade via shipping,that produces many times more toxic pollants than all the cars on the planet.

    The real pollutants ie heavy metals and the sulphur pollution of low grade bunker oil of shipping, is not being addressed.

    This is all about using the false flag events of so called environmental catastrophes to subjugate our democratic freedoms.

    Comment by Ross — September 22, 2011 @ 8:14 pm

  2. scientist may be satisfy what the result of the what happen our global climate.

    Comment by leadershipskills — September 24, 2011 @ 11:36 pm

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