June 21, 2011 | Graham

Are women doing better than we thought?

On Line Opinion is currently running a feature Fight for Equality prefaced on the assumption that women aren’t occupying high office in the numbers they should.

But perhaps we are a little behind the times. Debra Calder’s mum Florence Bambrick turns 100 this Friday (Debra is significant because she does the books for On Line Opinion, amongst other things).

So first congratulations to Florence, it’s quite a milestone, and I hope my mum makes it too.

Florence has received the appropriate congratulatory letters – all five of them.

Pick the man amongst the signatories:

  1. The Queen
  2. The Governor-General
  3. The State Governor
  4. The Prime Minister
  5. The Premier

To make it easier I’ll point out that she lives in Queensland.

Perhaps we’ll do a feature from the reverse point of view some time soon. Or does a different regime obtain in the public to the private sector?

(H/T Debra for pointing all of this out.)

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  1. OK Graham, I cannot pick the man!!!

    But I do know that the Queen and the Prime Minister are not Queenslanders!!

    Comment by Dicko — June 23, 2011 @ 1:33 pm

  2. Garham,It is all matter of perspective of what is actually better.Is power the aphrodisiac that soothes the femine whiles,or does the satisfaction of raising a loving balanced family mean a lot more? The rapacious persuit of power over others at all costs,suggests an inadequacy within ourselves.

    The male of our species right throughout history have made appalling decisions but have the likes of Thatcher and Gillard raised the bar any higher?

    The persuit of power as an ends in itself,is self defeating and destructive.Why do women rail against the “Glass Ceiling” when they are actually more influential in educationing the next generation.

    In all reality,decisions that matter should be a joint effort of male and female,which makes most of our families functional.

    Comment by Ross — June 24, 2011 @ 10:27 am

  3. Trick question Dicko…there is no man as the premier and governor of Queensland are both female.


    Comment by Graham Young — June 29, 2011 @ 2:45 am

  4. Yes they are all women AND all Public sector positions where targets have been set.

    It’s not a popular path but does this validate the case for quotas in the private sector then?. If we can find intelligent and skilled women to appoint to Govt roles the same would apply to the private sector. But the current low participation of women in senior roles and board positions in the private sector here in Australia certainly doesn’t indicate this.

    After all do we really think that all men in senior positions in the private sector are sitting there due to merit. I am in two minds about quotas but if things don’t change in the private sector over the next 5 years – I will be backing the concept so we eventually do have some equality in this country.

    It’s appauling to think that we should even have to consider legislating for commonsense to prevail in BIG business. But quotas have worked well overseas in Norway and Finland where women occupy 40% of private sector boards.

    This proves that suitable female candidates can be easily found. Perhaps Aussie men in the private sector are just too lazy and busy to look for women outside their circle of contacts when it comes to board appointments, It’s just easier to appoint a mate you already know and trust. Would it be any different if women had the balance of power – doubt it as they are even busier.

    It’s a debate that has been going for years and it’s not over yet. But whilst this debate boils away women are taking over in the small business sector – out doing men when it comes to the opening of new businesses. With small business representing 94% of the business sector in Australia women are doing okay. The boys may find themselves having to fight for equality down the track as the number of women moving into employeer roles explodes.

    Comment by Lynette — July 3, 2011 @ 12:49 am

  5. Lynette in all truth buying yourself a small business in Australia, is buying yourself a job.We are all nothing but debt slaves to an international banking cartel that create from nothing to equal our GDP + inflation as debt.
    see http://secretofoz.com/

    Comment by Ross — July 3, 2011 @ 9:21 am

  6. Hi Ross, There is no doubt that small business is doing it tough at the moment. But entrepreneurism is alive and well and those that hold on through the difficult times will rise to see another day. Success is often about holding on when others simply let go. There will always be ways to make money – and many businesses run by women here in Australia are holding up well. They might only have $1M-$3M turnovers but they are holding their profit margins and a debt free.

    Comment by Lynette — July 3, 2011 @ 9:37 am

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