August 25, 2010 | Graham

Rudd Astroturfs Griffith?

It’s possible Kevin Rudd may have been behind a community campaign to independently support him, going on photos supplied by a reader. Apparently signs that weren’t official ALP signs,  supporting Kevin went up without being authorised. The authorisation was written on in pen later on in the day when the lapse was pointed out to the returning officer.

Astroturfing refers to a political campaign which is supposed to be grassroots, but is actually organised by the organisation it is supporting.

But it’s also possible that it was an independent operation, as I didn’t see these signs at Coorparoo when I voted, and you would think that I should have. Astroturfing being what it is, we’re not likely to ever know for sure, but they’re authorised by A Hunter, 30 Moonie Avenue, Murarrie. I’ve put a phone call in, but as of 7:00 a.m. this morning, no-one seems to be home. Perhaps they are at work, or perhaps they have moved out while the house is sold. I’ll keep trying.

You can see that the signs look pretty professional.They’re corflutes and it looks like Vote for Kevin Rudd has been screened onto them. The authorisation is either scrawled on, as in the one below, or someone has printed it onto a sticker which has been stuck on the sign.

Community campaign or Astroturf?

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  1. The authorization postcode is wrong. It should be 4172, not 4152 which is Carina. You’d think such an avid supporter would remember their address.

    Comment by Scott Patterson — August 25, 2010 @ 9:55 pm

  2. He’s a devious, myopic, self-interested bastard.

    I’m starting to believe almost anything about Rudd – except that he’s good for the country.

    Comment by Hughie — August 25, 2010 @ 10:34 pm

  3. Well-spotted Scott. I’ll keep trying the house to see if anyone answers.

    Comment by Graham — August 26, 2010 @ 6:15 am

  4. It came to me in a dream last night.
    The real reason for the impasse of the last couple of weeks.
    While Labor gives liberal curry about an $11 Bn. black hole Ms Gillard secretly revealed to Mr. Abbott a budgetary oversight of her own.

    Appears that there’s a statutory period of minimum tenure before a PM gets the full pension.
    Ms. Gillard passes that line next Wednesday.

    Until then Australia waits while the contenders keep mum about it in their own interest.
    Interesting scenario; no?

    Comment by a non farmer — September 4, 2010 @ 3:19 am

  5. Well, we’re still a few hours from that line and the Independents are saying that they will make a decision. But I guess parliament won’t go back until after the deadline, so she’ll be safe. What’s the pension? Not a bad return for a few months in office. They should share it around a bit more.

    Comment by Graham — September 7, 2010 @ 1:52 am

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