August 21, 2010 | Graham

Where’s Julia?

Never forgive and never forget. I’m not sure how you render that in Mandarin, but I’m sure Kevin Rudd does, and in a hundred other languages. And if you’re going to render it in words, why not pictures?

Wherever she is, it isn’t Griffith. I’ve just voted and the Griffith booths are different from the Labor booths in other seats. The local member is plastered all over, and Julia Gillard is not to be seen at all. There was one piece of negative anti-Abbott wrap hidden around a corner, but the effect was a very positive “Kevin Rudd Standing-up for the Southside” in sunny maroon and yellow everywhere, complimented with his photo on corflutes (just to the left of the gate and concealed by my Toyota Landcruiser).

The Liberals aren’t doing too well here either. Their wrap – bearing the message that Labor is borrowing an extra $100M a day – ┬áis completely overshadowed.

It’s a bit naughty of Kevin to erase Gillard like this from Griffith. Bound to get picked-up by the news, as indeed it just has.

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  1. i em happy with Bob Katter results,he is legent.

    Comment by Emanuel — August 22, 2010 @ 12:44 am

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