July 26, 2010 | Graham

Not the Redcliffe Railway again

When you’re struggling for credibility why would you re-announce the most announced infrastructure project in Queensland’s history? Yes, there must be an election on because someone has promised to build the Redcliffe to Brisbane railway line, yet again. And that someone is Julia Gillard, whose announcements last week of a Citizens’ Assembly and Cash for Clunkers were welcomed with widespread cynicism.

According to Wikipedia this railway line has been on the drawing boards since 1895. It’s certainly come up most elections since I’ve been paying attention, including in 1989, the first state election I contested as a candidate when, if I remember correctly, my party announced it as policy.

Not that I’m opposed to the idea. It always foundered because the population of Redcliffe wasn’t large enough to justify the line, but with the Mango Hill development that may well have changed.

No, it’s just that when you’re struggling with your credibility and letting your opponent back into the game, and when delivering building programs isn’t your forte anyway, why jump into an announcement that automatically evokes cynicism amongst your target audience?

Add to that the irony that at the last state election the Liberal National Party promised to build this railway line, ┬ábut they lost that election to the Labor Party, who then has proceeded with secret plans to privatise a large chunk of the state’s rail system, and it doesn’t look like a good idea to me.

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