June 22, 2010 | Ronda Jambe

Naomi Klein on the Gulf oil disaster

A writer of exceptional  insight and clarity, Naomi Klein also expresses the compassion and sorrow many of us feel about this ongoing catastrophe. Below is a link to her Guardian article ‘A hole in the world’, and the accompanying video. Her observations about the political context and the natural world are equally powerful.

My questions: why aren’t we seeing this on our televisions at home, either here or in the US? How different is Australia’s policy on oil and gas? Do you really think the aquifer under NSW will be treated as the treasure it surely is? And who offers a different approach, either at a state or federal level?


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  1. Rhonda is a disaster of incomprehensible proportions.Apparently there is abiotic oil,ie oil formed eons ago by chemical and physical forces.It exists at great depths and the Russians have the technology to drill for it and now have passed Saudi Arabia as the number 1 oil producer.

    The pressures are so great they have no chance of containing it.70,000 psi and the steel pipes will be soon worn to nothing.The oil well could be enormous and thus leak for years.They are using toxic chemicals to disburse the oil which is making the problem worse.

    There are reports of a huge swelling of the earth 15-20 miles long.They really don’t know the cause.Some say gas.I spoke to a geologist and he said they may have breached the magma and thus it could explode.They have gone 3.5 miles into the earths crust.

    The Corp Media are covering this up big time.

    Comment by Arjay — June 25, 2010 @ 1:16 am

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