June 11, 2010 | Graham

Will Kevin Rudd see out his term?

This morning former Queensland Labor Treasurer Keith de Lacy called for Kevin Rudd to be replaced because he is an “item of ridicule”.  This is the first eruption from Labor, but the tectonic plates have been grinding for a while.

Greg Rudd, Kevin’s older brother, isn’t too keen on his political skills either. During the week Simon Crean appeared to undermine Rudd’s position on the RSPT, and Gary Grey gave an interesting interview to Fran Kelly on Radio National Breakfast.

Robert Gordon Menzies was the last Australian Prime Minister not to make it to his first election as PM after winning the preceding one. Will Kevin Rudd follow in his steps?

You’d have to rate it a reasonable chance this morning.

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  1. Promised so much, delivered so much – unfortunately a lot of it poorly thought out. His efficiency rating in the eyes of the public has dropped to (probably) unrecoverable levels. Abbott is not really trusted but he’s now become the “lesser of two evils”. A new ALP Prime Minister is the only way for Labour to dig their way out of the hole Rudd has dropped them in.

    Comment by Davo — June 12, 2010 @ 7:41 am

  2. The really sad part is that this incompetent narcissist,is that he at this 11th hour,had a realisation, that we are being manipulated by global forces both financially & strategically,that are not in our best interests.eg The Netherlands have decided to pull out their troops in Afghanistan and Tony Abbott wants 1000 of our troops to replace them.Kevin said ,”No way”.What does Kevin now know that makes him seemingly so radical?

    Kevin then brings in a radical tax that makes him very unpopular.Why would Kevin want to self destruct in such a grandiose fashion?

    The Oligarchs have the real power,and our pollies are too gutless to face the truth.

    Comment by Arjay — June 12, 2010 @ 9:05 am

  3. Hi, I totally think you should send Rudd away. Maybe even deport him to China for treason against freedom in Australia. What that man has been doing can’t be forgiven. From an ideal place on this world (not too USA like, yet not corrupt and/or bankrupt) he made the least desirable place to live for Europeans and Americans alike. All Rudd’s been making should quickly be revised and measures such as internet censorship should be removed, before it’s too late.
    If he was from my country, he would have had gotten the bullet a long time ago.

    Comment by Jackob from the Europe — June 14, 2010 @ 11:55 am

  4. It is fair and reasonable to say the 007 and ‘the monk’ Abbott are both that hold the same ideology. That is to say that both of them hold the same political/emotional core issues only they baptize it by giving the issue a different name. Sort of akin of the Hawke>Keating>Howard government.

    It is also reasonable to suggest (now stay with me on this)that hawke had excellent ideas but Keating had the nak of walking the talk in an way of a more convincible style. Now Little Jonny latched on to this style (clever boy) and adopted the same regime only he baptised some of Hawrke/Keatings ideas under a different name. How clever and how sneaky.!

    Comment by sonya — June 24, 2010 @ 7:47 am

  5. […] unless one has been proven to exist, there is no way of proving that they don’t exist. So, I blogged on June 11, 2010 that Kevin Rudd was under threat and might lose. On June 23, Gillard publicly […]

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