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Bolivians see dark fairy tale at Copenhagen?

I’ve revised this post. Looks like my reservations were well-founded (see original post below). The Bolivian media release on which the original post was based is a hoax. While the media contact might be listed as “Nicholas Buxton” which is the name of a high profile Anglican-priest-in-training in England, the email reverts to Doyle Canning, who works for Smartmeme whose slogan is “Changing the story”. Indeed.
As their website explains “Organizing – at the heart of it – has always been about building relationships through telling our stories. What smartMeme is doing is upgrading methods for the information age, and cutting through the clutter of the modern media climate with clear calls for justice that spread as viral memes. Cool!” Worked here, although perhaps not in the way that they intended.
This is my original post:
“The Little Mermaid may be the sculptural icon of Copenhagen, reminding the world that fairty tale writer Hans Christian Andersen is Denmark’s most durable cultural export, but the Bolivians appear to have turned to an even darker fairy story to describe current events there.
This media release arrived in my intray this morning, and it was too good not to share. I’m not entirely sure that it’s genuine, but in keeping with the fairy tale theme, it ought to be.

Bolivia compares Copenhagen negotiation process to the Matrix
Copenhagen, 14 December 2009 – In response to news that a select group of countries have been dining together to fix a deal for Copenhagen’s climate talks, and following the decision of the Presidency to hold informal consultations without any democratic and participative process for deciding representation, Pablo Solon, Bolivian ambassador to UN said the following:
“We are asking for a transparent democratic and inclusive process. It seems negotiators are living in the Matrix, while the real negotiation is taking place in the ‘Green room,’ in small stealth dinners with selective guests.”
“The presidency of the UNFCCC says that its informal consultations will be based on regional participation, but have not indicated how these will be chosen. They are creating an undemocratic parallel process where they can pick and choose only some countries.”
“It seems the only ones who have taken the “red pill” and are aware of the reality are those who marched in the streets on Saturday, who have denounced the rich countries for trying to stitch a deal that will undermine their obligation to tackle this urgent climate crisis.”
For more information or to arrange interviews, please contact:
Nick Buxton – Email or ring +45 26619010

How apposite, especially as the global warming panic is based on computer models of the way that the world ought to work, even though they’ve shown no skill in the past in predicting how it would work!”

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  1. It actually isn’t the rich countries that are stitching deals.It is the rich global corporates seeking to create carbon derivatives and taxes from which they can make enormous profits with no effort or skills.
    Just google New World Order and Wiki lists it as conspiracy theory.There are however many other sites that do have theories based on substance in both fact and logic.
    Why do the following people mention this concept? Both of the George Bushes,Henry Kissenger,Barack Obama, Penny Wong, and Gordon Brown all talk of this nefarious New World Order but no one dares define what it means.
    Janet Albrechtsen mentions this in an article related to carbon taxes and she gets lambasted as a lunatic fringe dweller.Lord Monckton gets the same treatment.Where there is smoke,there is …. ?

    Comment by Arjay — December 16, 2009 @ 8:12 pm

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