November 11, 2009 | Graham

My minute’s silence

This is a Rememberance Day post with a German theme.
Reader Fay Helwig of Das Helwig Haus B&B has planted a beautiful field of poppies which comes into bloom just in time for Remberance Day – the Rememberance Field.
The field will feature on Channel 9 between 6:30 and 7:00 tonight. Or you could always get a closer look by booking to stay overnight at the Haus.
My mother is also likely to be thinking of Rememberance Day today. She served in the air force in WWII, but only last week my sister and her family were in Bavaria in the cemetery where Mum’s brother Graham is buried after being shot down over Germany in 1943.
Mum was in records in Melbourne at the time and there was concern to ensure that she didn’t inadvertently see the record of her brother’s death.
Apparently the records were kept on some sort of punch card system.
Technology has certainly changed. We were able to visit the cemetery with Bronwyn, Terry and their kids via a laptop, a wireless internet connection and skype.
Durnback wreath_500px.JPG
*Added 12/11/09. Armistice Day around the world had a German theme too. Angela Merkel travelled to Paris, the first German President to attend a service in France on Rememberance Day.

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