August 04, 2009 | Graham

Congratulations to John Pilger

John Pilger has been awarded this year’s Sydney Peace Prize. John is a frequent contributor to On Line Opinion via material that we republish from his website, often at his suggestion.
The media release of the announcement says:

Examples of his work include an account of the British and American governments’ secret ‘mass kidnappings’ of a whole population of the Chagos Islands in the Indian ocean to make way for an American military base. His 1979 film Year Zero: the Silent Death of Cambodia depicted the horrors of the Pol Pot regime and the plight of the Khmer people. In 1994, Death of a Nation, shot under cover in East Timor, galvanized world wide support for the East Timorese people. His re-making of the film Palestine is Still the Issue reminds the world of a continuing occupation and cruel injustice.

Sydney Peace Foundation Director Professor Stuart Rees comments, “The jury was impressed by John’s courage as well as by his skills and creativity. His commitment to uncovering human rights abuses shines through his numerous books, films and articles. His work inspires all those who value peace with justice.”

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  1. I agree Graham,John has made me more aware and I no longer accept the BS of US foreign policy.Obama will be a disaster since he is just the protoge of the US industrial,military complex ,financed by the bankers.
    The 50 top world banks are worth $59 trillion or $9000.00 for every person on the planet.[They are 59 times greater than our GDP]Great Britian comes first with a value of $10.665 trillion,then France, $ 8.297 trillion,then Germany,
    $7.529 trillion,then USA $6.823 trillion.
    These banks have been instrumental in creating conflicts around the planet in order to make profit.
    Who dares take them on? Well Ron Paul now has 282 congressmen on side and only needs 8 more to audit the US Federal Reserve.This is the true fight for freedom and democracy.

    Comment by Arjay — August 4, 2009 @ 11:48 pm

  2. Much along the lines of Arjay. Secretary of state Clinton’s meek response to Israel’s eviction of East Jerusalem Palestinians bears Arjay out- any other country cocking a snook at the US, particulalry so blatantly would be in big strife, but the Americans respond like masochist perverts when Israel rubs their noses in it.
    Wonder if Lucy Turnbull will try to make the same trouble for Pilger as with for Hanan Ashrawi, a few years ago?
    How times change…

    Comment by paul walter — August 5, 2009 @ 1:38 pm

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