April 13, 2009 | Graham

Madonna and Child in the mind’s eye

I was playing with my son and looking at Google Earth. We went from discussing how Vikings navigated the inland waterways in Russia all the way from the Baltic to the Black Sea, to Mercator projections, and twisting and turning the globe.
So, low and behold, what did I find lurking under the summer Arctic Ocean, but a “birth mark” that looked a lot like a madonna and child, as you can see below.
I’m used to scrunching-up my eyes to see the man in the moon, but it is a novel experience for me to be able to “look” at the world from outer space and impose some imaginative order on it out of my own mind.
The late Fr David Binns was either rector or curate at St Matthew’s, our church, and a painting by him of the madonna and child hangs in the side chapel above the altar. It’s probably not coincidental that it looks like the image I’ve detected in the Arctic Ocean. The marvels of the human mind.

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