March 06, 2009 | Graham

Coy about their negatives

(Cross posted from What the people want) When I went to find the most effective TV ads from Labor and the LNP to road-test on our surveys they were nowhere to be seen. It’s common political wisdom, and I think true, that positive ads don’t change governments, negative ads do.
Positive ads are good at reinforcing the beliefs of the already converted, but don’t motivate those who are swinging or swaying.
So the best two ads of this campaign are “Not him, not them, not now” from Labor, and the “Anna file” ad from the LibNats. You won’t find “Not him, not them, not now” on Anna’s site, but you will find generic “Labor file” versions of the “Anna file” on the LNP site.
BTW, someone needs to tell the webmaster at that they’ve called the election. Seems like all the effort is going into the LNP site while the Springborg site is just another Mary Celeste on the interwebs.
Anyway, to help both sides out I thought I would put both the ads up here. I’ve been able to find “Not him etc.” thanks to Malcolm Farnsworth, but only the generic “file” ad. The one that targets Bligh personally is very powerful and runs through some negative headlines on her career in education and treasury.

I’ve also come across this interesting site (thanks to Tron Lord) –

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