February 27, 2009 | Graham

It’s 50/50 – first quant poll of the Queensland election

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The Courier Mail published a Galaxy poll this morning which has the Government and Opposition each on 50% of the two-party preferred vote.

This is broadly consistent with my prediction that the LNP would win 12 to 15 seats, which was based on the softness in the government vote that our polling has been showing.

Galaxy also finds that the Greens vote is 8%, which is consistent with our polling.

Anna Bligh is also preferred premier – 50% versus 33% to Springborg. 64% expect Labor to win, and most voters believe that neither party deserves to win.

Ominously for the LNP, the only issue where they are rated as being superior to Labor is health. Balancing that, on the economic front, the loss of Queensland’s triple A rating saw one in five say they were less likely to vote for the government.

At the moment you have to buy a hard copy of the paper to see more detail. Hopefully the survey results will be up on the web later.

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