February 07, 2009 | Graham

Conservatives know how to put the slipper in

With bankruptcies up 125% in Britain, the Tories are hoping to take another out of business.
And they know how to put the boot into Gordon Brown.

Good example of how you can take one mistake and amplify it. Brown says he has “saved the world” and the Conservatives will never let him forget it. First you could buy the ring tone, now you can share the video.
What are the chances of me hosting a standard political ad here, or passing it on? About the same as those that Kevin 7/11 won’t get his “Answer to the Ultimate Question” $42 billion economic package through. Infinitesimally slim. But I’m happy to do their dirty work for them if it puts a smile on my face.
Wonder what David Cameron’s relationship will be with Sarkozy once he buys the country from Gordon Brown, or his receiver, in the liquidation sale of the century?

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