June 29, 2008 | Graham

Caroline Marohasy rides The Horseman

My friend Caroline Marohasy makes her movie debut in The Horseman, a new Australian revenge thriller, shot in and around Brisbane, including at the Burpengary caravan park.

If you like the look of the trailer (I found it was suitably creepy, although they needed to hit the cabbage a bit harder in some of the fight scenes) you might consider becoming a Facebook fan of the movie.
Caroline is studying acting in Sydney, which is journalism’s loss as she originally started a journalism degree at UQ. As you can tell from her appearances on the YouDecide2007 programs we did for TV station Briz31 she could have had a good career on any side of the camera, with or without a script, which is not surprising, as her mother is Jennifer Marohasy.
Caroline’s one to watch, even if you give the movie a miss!
UPDATE 15:32
Caroline asked me to put the case that Australian independent feature films really need grass roots support, and this one is no exception. She also drew my attention to this review on the Facebook Fan site:

I just saw an advance screener of this film and was left breathless!

by Dean Bertram at 5:13am
The Horseman is the most compelling Australian film that I have seen since Wolf Creek. It is taut and relentless, grabbing you by the throat in the opening scene and not letting go until the end credits roll. The film’s frenetic pacing and tight narrative structure brings to mind similarly impactual genre classics like Mad Max and Romper Stomper. Indeed, it belongs to that rare type of thrilling Aussie cinema that gets bums on seats and keeps them there!
Kastrissios should be congratulated for such an amazing debut. He should also be paid close attention to: I believe he is set to become an important fixture of the Australian cinema scene.
Dean Bertram PhD
Festival Director
A Night of Horror International Film Festival
UPDATE 30/6/08 7:56
They’ve invested in more and better cabbages, and uploaded the resulting soundtrack as a result of my throwaway line above. The punches no longer sound like a flogging with a limp lettuce. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjl-Sduq_tA
Congratulations to Steven Kastrissios, the director, producer and major funder of the film for being so responsive to audience feedback.

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  1. Given I saw no signs of Horses I can only assume The Horseman is a biblical reference and from the trailer I can only further infer that this our version of The Punisher.

    Comment by vee — June 29, 2008 @ 5:03 pm

  2. It is a biblical reference as far as I know- apocalypse revenge and all that jazz. Having not seen The Punisher, I couldn’t tell you. I assume it is an American film of similar subject… hopefully half decent? The Horseman, while not sitting in everyone’s favourite genre, is incredibly well made.

    Comment by cmarohasy — June 29, 2008 @ 7:34 pm

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    Comment by David Jackmanson — June 30, 2008 @ 8:22 pm

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