June 01, 2008 | Graham

Mission accomplished?

Yahoo news picked up the irony. Australian troops have started arriving home from Iraq at the same time that Iraq has its most peaceful month for four years. I never thought that invading Iraq was the best idea, but I did agree with Colin Powell that “If you break it you own it.”
On that basis I was opposed to a premature withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq.
On the basis of these reports, perhaps the withdrawal of troops is no longer premature.

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  1. “If you break it you own it.”
    This comment begs the question why was it broken?
    Iraq has been the greatest foreign policy blunder since the fall of the Berlin wall. It is testament to the folly of following the dictates of blind ideology in preference to sober diplomacy. It also squandered the enormous amount of support that America accrued after 9/11. That Australia supported and encouraged it is to our eternal shame.

    Comment by barney — June 3, 2008 @ 10:02 am

  2. Well, I hope they can bring back some expertise that can be used for this nations defences.
    What with all of the wars and conflicts and worse coming due to fuel and food shortages worldwide… one day something is going to break in the region that only a major upheaval of Australias national defences can fix. If the citizens ever have to be used there has to be equipment in the Defence cupboard for them.
    Not much good if theres a sudden change in the global military climate and the mighty USA cant make it south to protect us and theres no gear for a citizens back-up.

    Comment by gibo — June 3, 2008 @ 1:44 pm

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