May 27, 2008 | Graham

Greene meets low hurdle

I’ve been sent a copy of some of the Liberal Party’s Agenda for its Convention this weekend. Never in the history of the Liberal party has an agenda arrived so late. Too bad if you actually wanted to research your reply to a motion. Although, one might ask what is the point in having motions at all if the party is going to cease to exist in a few months’ time.
My correspondent was a little shocked at State Director Geoff Greenes’ endorsement of the interim president Gary Spence. I was more shocked by Greene’s upbeat approach to the party’s performane under his direction.

Our first attempl at running a Lberal ticket for lhe Gold Coast City Council elecction was encouraging. We altracted a top quality team of local candidates. Whilst we did not win it must be remembered that it was a short sharp campaign. following on from a very long Federal campagn and the Chistmas break. Cleary voters were
election-fatigued and did not engage with candidates until the last weeks of the campaign. However, havng
sad that it must be remembered that it took the Electoral commission a fortnight to declare a result, so close was the final result.

This is an election where the Liberal Party spent over one million dollars and failed to win a single seat and he calls it “encouraging”. The result was so “close” that he can’t even bring himself to use the percentages. Ron Clarke won 53.99% of the two-party preferred vote. To put that in perspective, he did better than Kevin Rudd did in the federal election!
One of the problems for the proposed new party is that this guy will be the State Director of it. That’s got to be a pretty potent reason to vote for Mal Brough for President. If he wins, then Greene goes, and the new party, if there is to be one, gets a clean start. With Greene at the helm it’s only going to get into trouble.

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  1. The end to branch stacking is near. 5 delegates per SEC to State Convention is a wonderful breakthrough.

    Comment by Doug — May 27, 2008 @ 1:09 pm

  2. What a load of cobblers. Most of the branch stacking is directed towards pre-selections. The proposal on SECs is another gerrymander. It will benefit country SECs at the expense of city ones.

    Comment by Graham Young — May 27, 2008 @ 6:01 pm

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