April 22, 2008 | Graham

Lin Hatfield Dodds

The Hatfield Dodds, Lin and Steve, were about the only power couple that I could spot who both got a guernsey to the 2020 Summit. Lin’s now topped that to make herself a household name by withdrawing from the Olympic torch relay.
It’s raised some interesting posts from some ethnic Chinese. On Line Opinion isn’t currently running an articles about Dodds, or forum threads, but we’ve had emails coming to us like this:

Lin Hatfield Dodds’s action to cancel her torch relay role is an insult to 1.4 billion Chinese people. Hereby I protest on their behalf. Her action only reminds us of your church’s role in the past 200 years in China’s history: the forepost of collonisation and the glorification of it.
Enclosed is this url: http://junshi.daqi.com/bbs/00/1959561.html
Have a look at these photos showing people who worked as slaves for Dalai Lama.

And this:

Isn’t it hypocritical of Lin Hatfield-Dodds to chastise China ‘for what is happening in Tibet’ when she, as head of the Australian Council of Social Service and of UnitinCare, would be so acutely aware of the plight of the Australian aborigines who are treated almost as dogs, who are left hopeless and hapless, with diseases and poor health and living in slums, and have a low life expectancy. Did she protest at the Sydney olympic flame and the Sydney Olympics? Is she really genuine at all? Did she protest at the genocide of aborigines who land her ancestors invaded from afar, and killed, and poisoned?

And also this:

Lin Hatfield Dods reusal to join the torch relay due to concern of humanrights in china is purely a hypocritcal thing to do. She had better check her own homeland when come to issus of human rights. The aborigines of australia have been treated like dogs for decades.Children of the aborigines are have lost many generations when they were taken away from thier family.They do not even who their parents are.The austrakian prime minsters have the guts and decently to apologies on the half of people of australia for the evel things that they have suffered for so long. So Lin Har fiels Dods, is the human rights in australia worst than the tibeten claims, so wny she never protest during the olympic games in sydney .So pleae check your own country’s human rights action before you decide to boycoott the bejing olympic run

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  1. There must be something about the name Hatfield that causes them to be hypocritical and have immense ability to piss off half the world at a time… not to mention the inflated sense of self-grandeur.

    Comment by roger roger — April 23, 2008 @ 1:36 pm

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