December 18, 2007 | Graham

Icy trips, snowy slips… and venomous centipedes

Sometimes press releases bizzarely turn-up in my inbox from the most interesting quarters, including this one from The Information Centre, an “independent NHS Special Health Authority that collects, analyses and distributes national statistics on health and social care”.
I thought the Nanny State would be more serious than this, but apparently intervention comes with a smile in the UK.

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. And here’s The Information Centre with a few festive facts.
As you know, The IC produces a wide range of facts and figures throughout the year as England’s independent and authoritative source of health and social care information. Just in time for carols, crackers and mince pies are the latest figures on Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) in England.
Deck the halls…
Just think about those boughs of holly before reaching for the shears – there were 238 admissions to hospital in 2006/7 after contact with plant thorns, spines and sharp leaves, while a further 6,002 were admitted after falling from or on a ladder.
And a word of caution for would-be chestnut roasters – there were138 admissions hospital after exposure to controlled fire in a building or structure.
Walking in a winter wonderland…
It may make lovely snowmen, but the white stuff has its dangers – there were a total of 1,328 admissions to hospital in 2006/7 after falling on ice or snow. And 4,235 were admitted after a fall involving ice skates, skis, rollerblades or skateboards.
Happy holidays…
Those escaping the cold weather may not avoid an unfortunate accident. In 2006/7, 53 were admitted after contact with venomous snakes and lizards and 22 after contact with venomous marine animals and plants.
And finally, a toast…
How are you holding that glass of mulled wine? A total of 1,638 people were admitted in 2006/7 for contact with hot drinks.
Other facts from the 2006/7 data for England showed there were:

  • Six admissions for contact with scorpions
  • 49 admissions for victims of lightning
  • 4239 admissions from contact with a non-powered hand tool

To view the figures visit

Best to stay safe in Australia this Christmas and take your risks with road kill, sunburn and shark attacks.

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