October 09, 2007 | Graham

Howard fluffs three year anniversay question

Kev07 must be driving a bandwagon with very strong halogens on it. He’s certainly got the Howard bunny so caught in the headlights that it fluffs even the easiest of questions.
Today is the third anniversary of the last election, so Labor has predictably called on Howard to call the next election. The answer should be pretty straightforward:
“The leader of the Opposition recently called for four year terms of parliament, one-third longer than the terms that Australian parliaments currently serve. Now he is calling on me to call an election less than three years since the beginning of this term of parliament. Mr Rudd needs to understand that parliaments run from parliament to parliament, not election to election. He also needs to understand that the government of this country should be run for the convenience of the electorate, not his convenience. An earlier election no doubt suits Mr Rudd. He has no interest in being subjected to any closer scrutiny than he can avoid. No wonder when he appears to be able to simultaneously hold two conflicting beliefs at the one time.”
Or something along those lines.

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  1. Fluffed it? Yes. But it wasn’t those halogen lights that made for a missed opportunity – it was the fact that the Australian electorate wants this election like eh, yesterday and Howard knows it.
    Many are just so sick and tired of both the long phony campaign and Howard himself.

    Comment by clarencegirl — October 12, 2007 @ 5:02 am

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