October 03, 2007 | Graham

Rudd does Captain someone

Maybe Kev07’s going to decriminalise marijuana (not a bad idea to my mind)? Was it a strip club or a strip joint he was caught in? Perhaps there was something other than tobacco in the stogies that Col Allen coerced him into puffing? Is someone going to ask him whether he inhaled, or not? Well, he must smoke something. How else could he have come up with the idea of indicting Iranian President Ahmadinejad for anti-Semitism before the ICC?
I’ve got no reason to doubt Alexander Downer’s legalistic point that he picked the wrong international organ, but seriously, who is going to arrest Ahmadinejad to bring him to justice? I know Rudd isn’t “Captain Perfect”, but he’d have to be Captain America to bring this guy to justice, or the Caped Crusader (but as the current Captain America knows, you shouldn’t use the word “crusade” in a Middle East context).
And if you can’t arrest him, what’s the point of trying him? Rudd apparently thinks that finding him guilty in absentia is going to somehow improve the situation. Removing him from power might do the trick, but unless you have super powers there are only two ways to do that. You either engage a genuine super power to invade, or you rely on the democratic process. I thought Labor would have learnt by now that hauling sovereign governments in front of international tribunals tends to strengthen their domestic mandate, not weaken it. I mean, it’s done Howard so much damage to be on the wrong end of UN reports.
Which is the problem with Kev07 – more front than Mark and Foy, but much less structural steel, or even greenhouse-friendly, wooden bearers. All show, no go.

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