June 20, 2007 | Graham

Optus follow-up

Well, I might have been giving Optus incidental plaudits over the PM’s broadband roll-out, but their telephony service still stinks. It took them until Tuesday last week to fix the phone line. The fault was all their’s. (Read the previous posts here and here).
That means it took them 11 days to check-out and fix a problem with a business phone. Pity the small retail consumer. I assume it takes even longer there. Haven’t checked their terms and conditions, but I assume you can’t sue them for any loss to your business. What a pity that last time it was in power Labor set telephony up so that there was no proper competitive market.
It is also humbling to know how little power blogs have – even those that have their posts circulated to 10,000 very influential people every Monday morning. Maybe Alan Jones might like to guest blog now he’s not on Nine daily. That might get things moving.

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