May 09, 2007 | Graham

Takes one to know one

The standard Labor criticism of last night’s budget is that it is a “clever” ploy by a government which will do and say anything to win the next election. As I noted in my last post, such “search and destroy” rhetoric can have a devastating effect.
But Labor wants to be careful. A logical extension of suggesting that the budget is all just about politics is to leave yourself open to the charge that it doesn’t matter what the government says or does, Labor will never acknowledge even one good thing.
One line of rebuttal for the Prime Minister and Treasurer, and a theme they might consider developing over the coming months would be to say:
“According to the Labor Party everything we do is just about winning the next election. Now I happen to believe that if you govern well the people may reward you at the next election. So a consequence of a good budget is that you are more likely to be re-elected if you deliver one. Would anyone suggest that a party in power should do anything else?
Good government isn’t a clever ploy to win the next election, it’s what you are elected to deliver.
Australians should ask themselves why Labor is so certain that everything we do has only one purpose. Is it because they themselves would say and do anything to get into power? It’s one thing to promise, another thing to deliver.”

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