May 02, 2007 | Graham

I wish I’d written this

I wish I had, but then, not being German, perhaps I couldn’t have, written it, that is. I’ve just come upon this piece courtesy of a new service called StumbledUpon. “Evil Americans, Poor Mullahs” by Claus Christian Malzahn, Spiegel Online’s Berlin Bureau Chief lays bear some of the stupidities of “intelligent” European thought, specifically German thought, on the US.
His opening paragraphs give the flavour of it:

Forty-eight percent of Germans think the United States is more dangerous than Iran, a new survey shows, with only 31 percent believing the opposite. Germans’ fundamental hypocrisy about the US suggests that it’s high time for a new bout of re-education.
The Germans have believed in many things in the course of their recent history. They’ve believed in colonies in Africa and in the Kaiser. They even believed in the Kaiser when he told them that there would be no more political parties, only soldiers on the front.
Not too long afterwards, they believed that Jews should be placed into ghettos and concentration camps because they were the enemies of the people. Then they believed in the autobahn and that the Third Reich would ultimately be victorious. A few years later, they believed in the Deutsche mark. They believed that the Berlin Wall would be there forever and that their pensions were safe. They believed in recycling as well as in cheap jet travel. They even believed in a German victory at the soccer World Cup.
Now they believe that the United States is a greater threat to world peace than Iran. This was the by-no-means-surprising result of a Forsa opinion poll commissioned by Stern magazine. Young Germans in particular — 57 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds, to be precise — said they considered the United States more dangerous than the religious regime in Iran.

Click on the link above, or here It’s a brilliant, self-lacerating read. Oh, and I stumbled upon StumbledUpon because they were directing significant amounts of traffic to OLO, but they’re worth checking out as well.

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  1. For a people who came very, very close to ruling the world, the Germans have certainly slipped.
    I’m glad the German section of my family left for Australia when they did.

    Comment by Leigh — May 3, 2007 @ 1:40 pm

  2. So did you find this on StumbleUpon, which puts a button on your toolbar that let’s you ‘channel surf the internet’, or Stumble_d_upon, which just appears to be a link aggregator?
    I smell trademark-related dodginess from somewhere…

    Comment by David Jackmanson — May 8, 2007 @ 6:00 pm

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