April 16, 2007 | Graham

Boyce the Boss

Congratulations to Sue Boyce for her preselection as the Liberal Party’s new senator for Queensland. Without wanting to belittle Boyce’s victory, she was the obvious candidate, and she won despite the handicap of me tipping her as the most likely candidate!
Sad to see Bob Quinn defeated as the runner up – he didn’t need this codicil to an honourable political career. The fact that he lost convincingly is reassuing in that it indicates the size of the current rock-solid Santoro vote. It’s ironic that Quinn’s support came from Santoro given that most of Quinn’s first term as State Parliamentary Liberal Leader was spent fighting with the Santoro camp to reform the party organisation.
Lastly, a more pedantic note. News is reporting that “Boyce will be Queensland’s first female senator in 34 years.” Strange, but in 1982, a mere 25 years ago, I was employed by Queensland’s last female senator, Kathy Sullivan (then Martin). Sullivan didn’t leave the senate until 1984. It’s been too long, but not that long!

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