August 15, 2006 | Graham

Howard didn’t believe in immigration bill

John Howard didn’t believe in the immigration bill that he’s just withdrawn from the Senate. That’s a possible interpretation of his behaviour. Back in June I predicted that he was preparing to step back from the legislation. In the end, he pushed it far enough to convince everyone, including the Indonesians, that he was serious, but not that far that he was embarrassed by its failure to pass into legislation.
Now everyone is happy. The rednecks know he is on their side and will still vote for him. Howard’s conscience is clear. And Indonesia won’t complain too much, or leave the gate open for more refugees. Wilson Tuckey and Don Randall provided the street theatre to make it all seem compelling.

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  1. True, true, compelling, fascinating, great, really cool, clever, brilliant, wonderful, true. I can’t wait until I can get into parliament, of course that won’t happen until I get my tri-weekly national broadsheet up and running with a circulation of at least 1 Mill.

    Comment by Benno — August 16, 2006 @ 7:42 pm

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