June 07, 2006 | Graham

Desperately seeking another Beaconsfield

Has anyone else been struck by the way that Oppostion Foreign Affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd has lingered in Dili and always appears to be available for live media crosses? Reminds me of the appearances at Beaconsfield of Bill Shorten. Shorten made himself into the de facto spokesperson for the miners as well the employers, and it became the launching pad for his current campaign to be the next Labor leader. Could this be Kevin’s counter-offensive?
He’s certainly doing well. Comes across as articulate and impartial, and on the job with his sleeves rolled-up while “management” – in this case Alexander Downer – is off doing other things, like spruiking nuclear power.
But I don’t think Kevin needs to worry. Our “What the people want” research after the budget found the following support for the various leadership contenders:
“35% want Julia Gillard as leader, compared to 20% for Kevin Rudd, 15% for Paul Keating and 10% for Kim Beazley. None of the above is only 12%”
Bill Shorten didn’t figure in the analysis because he was on 5%. But then again, it would probably have been lower if not for Beaconsfield.
Which suggests that Rudd’s just adopted the tactic, rather than using it against Shorten, because despite the huff and puff from the right, the polling figures show Shorten has a long way to go before he’s a leadership contender.
Rudd’s real competition is Julia Gillard. Gillard is widely regarded as unelectable because she doesn’t have the support of many in caucus, but Rudd would be intensely aware that this can change if a contender’s profile is high enough. Afterall, in Rudd’s home state Peter Beattie didn’t have a lot of friends in caucus when he succeeded Wayne Goss, Rudd’s old boss, just the highest media profile. And now Beattie’s plan to promote Anna Bligh, another virtual political orphan with profile, into the premiership after him, also seems to be bearing fruit.
Rudd would appear to have friends, but he’s trailing Gillard badly in the popularity stakes. (In fact, amongst Labor voters he’s also trailing Paul Keating, who’s not even in the race.) So it could be a good idea for him to hang out in Dili a bit longer.

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  1. Nay You have got it all wrong. The reason he headed for the hills was because several hundred members of the public contacted him and asked why he was not shouting about the AWB involvment in live exports and how much blood money out of the money to Saddam went from the cruel transport of live exports. He played dumb[which wasnt hard] so he was sent the papers signed on the 29th August 2003 regarding the sale to AWB of live exports. Its seems he has no interest suddenly in the AWB .[ Well at least that part of it,. I would have thought given the public interest in live exports that Labour would have been all over that!
    Gives new meaning to the term feeding the chooks!. Mmm and we are paying for him to trip around over there. Also gives new meaning to the word Dil. When he gets back as the shadow! Minister of trade we want to know why as 50 per
    cent of public funding goes into the MLA to promote overseas trade the public cant get access to it?
    Are you there Kevin ???
    What a bunch of loosers.

    Comment by wendy lewthwaite — June 8, 2006 @ 10:43 am

  2. I guess its worth a mention that many tried to get Kevins attention when half a dozen strippers stood out the front of the AWB enquiry to protest about the public not being informed by the Government of or the cole enquiry, as to the connection between the kick back to Sadamm and Live Animals Exports.
    It seems they caught a few eyes however Kevin must have been looking the other way!
    Each years millons of Australian Animals are sent on ships sometimes up to three months. They get thown down mincers alive and tossed into the sea. The lucky ones who are still alive or unluncky ones are kicked bashed dragged whipped sometimes another thousand miles with no food or water in stiffling heat for days. Finally they have their thoat slowly cut before their friends. Oh thats after having their eyes pulled out while still alive and often skinned alive.
    This takes thousands of jobs from Australia. They call this the clever country.
    Well kevin have a nice holiday you are a pathic weak creep.
    Shame On The Australian Government and even more so the opposition,.99 percent of Australians want animals killed here and sent in a box.
    Gee I wonder if political donations to both camps would really be enough for our so called leaders to let this evil barbaric unnessary activity to continue especially give its steal the jobs from the country ares where they are needed most. Pity they still dont get it that this is the stuff you win elections with.
    Who said Dilies!!

    Comment by wendy lewthwaite — June 8, 2006 @ 11:13 am

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