April 19, 2006 | Graham

Where’s Casey?

It’s nowhere near as good as the classic “Where’s Rudy” attack ad of Democrat Senator Paul Wellstone, but http://wherescasey.com/, the work of Republican Senator Rick Santorum is worth a look. “Where’s Casey” is an attempt to exploit the web in a humourous way, although I found it a bit boring poking around with my mouse. Have a look and see what I mean. In fact, I found it a bit tiresome.
But then Santorum may well know something I don’t. Both he and Wellstone appear to be able to win votes in territory that’s not natural to either of the parties they represent. In Wellstone’s case that should be past tense as he and his wife and one of his daughters was killed in a plane crash during the course of the last US election campaign. His surviving two children are keeping his memory, his crusades and his website alive at http://green.wellstone.org/.

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