January 31, 2006 | Graham

How Greenpeace should have responded

I’ve been given a guided tour of fascism, or at least how fascism works, by responses to my OLO article Why it matters that Greenpeace lied and the press doesn’t seem to care. Despite clear video evidence that the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise rammed the Japanese Nisshin Maru, any number of people have been claiming that I’ve made it up.
They do it by arguing about irrelevancies. For example “Greenpeace had right of way.” Yes…so? You can’t ram someone else whilst having right of way? Have you ever tried looking at an insurance company’s books? Sure they’re full of this sort of bogus claim.
But repetition of bogus claims doesn’t make them valid – although there are studies which show that most people will change their mind to agree with majority assertions, even when they are wrong.
When it comes to road(sea) rage, and what Greenpeace should have done, this lady puts them to shame. She was in the wrong, and she cheefully admits it, and the reader likes her for it.
It has been said that “truth is the new spin”. It is. Tell the truth, and we will forgive you almost anything.

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  1. Now I’ve heard it all, Graham linking the “clash of the Titans” to an incident involving a male motorist and a woman cyclist. He’s the one trashing her bike, and he’s the one being restrained! Graham Young claims she is at fault, and yet has some claim to respect for apologising.
    ergo, Greenpeace should apologise.
    Esperanza has reached Capetown. The webcam,
    has her tied up and it’s around midnight there, so wait for dawn.

    Comment by C Link — February 2, 2006 @ 12:15 pm

  2. Thanks for linking to that site Graham, it was really interesting.

    Comment by Benno — February 2, 2006 @ 9:53 pm

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